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Provocative and touching on the taboo, this story is an attention grabber and a good read for a fan of the horror genre. Using a sensual styling to his writing and clearly displaying the internal emotional conflict from the beginning. Comicality puts it out there that just maybe there is something or someone that would have you gladly buying your own ticket straight to hell and have you looking forward to the ride. This is not a story for the very young or the squeamish as it touches on a taboo subject with sexual content.

The sexual scenes in the beginning while tastefully written seem to drag on a bit long and could have been shortened while maintaining the concept of a powerful force that can drive you to do things unthinkable.

With a carefully crafted twist on the Mermaid Mythos, the author quickly drags the reader into the story world with very life-like characters and a truly real life scenario depicting Scott’s sickness and the results of the treatment. The overall tone and emotional content depicting the two brothers trying to come to grips and hold a semblance of normalcy in life is a nice touch. The family struggles that are the direct cause of the fathers work addiction are well written and subtly played as not to derail the main theme.

With a gentle build and release of the suspense, the author guides the reader along an emotional road-map and keeps the reader guessing where they will end up next.

The major downside is that the author keeps the reader hanging and does not draw a solid conclusion at the end. While a tried and true method in Hollywood to bring viewers back it detracts and lessens the story here. Perhaps with a more fluid progression and a fleshing out of the backgrounds of the “bad guys” it could hold its own as a book one of a series. Sadly it comes off as more of a bundling of a few chapters of a greater volume.

If you purchase this story be prepared to purchase the second one as it won’t stand on its own and will just leave you frustrated at the end. I would have given this one 5 stars, as the story line and writing are certainly great, but the ending derails the suspense that the reader has built and leaves to many unanswered questions.

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