Do you remember your first crush? That feeling you had, with the constant thoughts of that special person. What about how the crush progressed? Do you remember how, at first, it was just a thought? Like a tiny, little “Hey, he’s cute!” But then, for whatever reason, that thought doesn’t leave your mind. You think to yourself… “Wait a minute. He’s cute!” And before you knew what was happening, he was all that you could think about?

Do you remember purposely trying to bump into him? But not actually into him. You weren’t ready to actually talk to him yet. You just wanted to, say, cross paths. Perhaps see him in the halls at school, or walk past his house 17 times in one hour, all based on the hope that you’d see him just once, and not have his parents call the cops on you for stalking.

By the time you actually get to talk to him, he has already consumed your entire world. He’s in your dreams, he’s evident on your mind the very moment you wake up, just where you left him before you went to bed—except when you woke up he had no clothes on until you opened your eyes and realized it never happened.

Then, as you get to know him, as you spend time alone with him, you become overly cautious with everything that you do, everything that you say, every move that you make. Everything matters. Nothing is irrelevant. That nonchalant graze against his hand, and the two hours it took you to build up the nonchalant part. And by the time you actually did it, you didn’t have a choice in the matter anymore. It was either that or your heart was going to explode, and that would be hella embarrassing!

But then, as your advances aren’t rejected, and you get bolder, trying more, testing the waters, you actually discover that he felt the same way the entire time?! It’s magic. The whole experience. And that’s exactly what you get from Comicality’s story “2 Below”, down to the very last, tiny, overanalyzed detail. Magic.

I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve read “2 Below” by now. All I know is that every time I read it, I’m in an exceptionally bubbly mood for the next few days. It’s one of those stories that’s so beautiful it will refuse to let you go until you’ve fused your mind with every last word. It pulls you in, makes you 15 again, and—for whatever reason—your name has become Gordon. But that doesn’t matter because down the street, a mere three doors down, is Seth. Beautiful, bubbly, super-cute, 13 year old Seth. And he’s precious. He’s interesting. He’s got this thing about him, this undeniable wonder and natural curiosity that pulls you into his and Gordon’s world.

And that’s really easy to do, because the entire story is relatable to anyone who has ever had a crush before. Even if you haven’t gotten past that point yet, “2 Below” will make you feel like you’ve experienced everything just as Gordon has.

If you haven’t read “2 Below” yet, you have to do it right now. You can find it in Amazon’s Kindle Store, as well as on Comicality’s website.

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