🎶 Back to life, back to reality! 🎶 That’s right, folks! It’s September already, and that means vacation time is over. For many, this marks the mid-year resolutions, where you’re starting new things and make promises to yourself that “this year, things are going to be different!” If not, well, at least you got a cool new wardrobe, right?

  1. Shelter: Chapter 2 – Do You Feel Safe Yet? in Library by
  2. Welcome Back To Shacker High in Library by
  3. The Portals in Library by
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  10. Cirrus’s Book Club: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in Community by Cirrus
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  12. Big Bad Wolf News presents – A report about a not-so-typical weekend in a hospital emergency room! in Tabloid by
  13. Cirrus’s Book Club: Feet of Clay, by Terry Pratchett in Community by Cirrus

Published September 1, 2015