1- ANY crime that you commit at sea, from actual murder, to illegally downloading movies, to cutting the tag off of a new mattress… officially makes you a ‘PIRATE’ in the eyes of the law.

2- Film director, James Cameron, never shows his actual face in the movies he makes, but there are a number of times when his voice can be heard off screen. For example, in the original “Terminator”, Cameron’s voice can be heard on Sarah Connor’s answering machine, as a guy backing out on their date at the last minute. And again as the motel guy who gives Sarah and Reese keys to the room.

3- Those who play video games on a regular basis are MUCH more likely to experience lucid dreams than your average non-gamer.

4- In Disney’s “The Lion King”, a joke is told that the main villain, Scar, would make a good throw rug. However, in the Disney movie, “Hercules”…it looks as if that’s exactly what happened! Scar has apparently been SKINNED, and actually appears as a throw rug in the movie! Morbid for a Disney cartoon, don’t ya think?

5- Beats By Dre headphones cost approximately fourteen dollars to make. But sell for a minimum of 200 dollars per pair at retail.

6- Cats often won’t drink water if you put it too close to their food source. Spread them further apart to prevent dehydration.

7- If you go to Google Images right now and type ‘Atari Breakout’ in the search box…you will immediately be allowed to PLAY the classic game right there on your screen!

8- As a child, former US President, Teddy Roosevelt, suffered from a severe case of asthma. But, seeing as doctors didn’t have a real understanding of the affliction back then, he was instructed to smoke cigars, drink coffee, and consume heavy doses of whiskey! Hehehe…doctors…

9- There is an average total of 15, 875 GIGABYTES of information transferred in a single male ejaculation!

10 – Almost none of the mothers in any of the Comicality stories ever have a first name. They’re always referred to as ‘Mom’ or as ‘Mrs.’ (followed by a last name). More often, only the fathers get a first name, if they’re even present.

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