Monday. The weekend’s gone and all I have to look forward to is another boring day at school. Little did I know when I awoke that this was going to be anything but a boring day.

Things started off as usual. I got out of bed, showered (taking care of my first morning duty… you know what I’m talking about), got dressed, had breakfast. Then I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed out to the school bus. I can’t wait another two years until I’m 16 and old enough to get my license and drive to school.

As I arrive at the bus stop, several others are there. But then I notice him. Micky. His copper complexion. His brown eyes. His curly brown hair. His perfect teeth. Impeccable clothing. Not to mention the way his clothes fill out just below his waist. He’s a gay boy’s dream, but alas, he’s more a gay boy’s nightmare.

He and I have never even shared more than “Hi”, but lately when I do get up the nerve to say “Hi” to him all I get back is a scowl and a single finger extended as he raises his hand.

As you could have surmised, I’m gay. Only one other person on earth knows that. He and I have been best friends since we were both still in diapers. He knows I’m gay and is cool with it. I know, gay boy, best friend, we’ve had to have ‘done it’. Well, Troy is straight. Totally. We’ve never even jacked off together. But he’s someone I can feel safe talking to. Again, little that I knew at the time, Troy was going to say something at the worst time. Not that he meant for it to happen… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Finally, the bus arrives and we get on board. Troy and I, as usual, find a seat near the back and sit down to talk on the thirty minute trek to prison… I mean school.

In the seat in front of us, two of the ‘popular’ set were all excited because one of them had gotten a new phone. They were excitedly checking out all the features of it. So I just ignored them as they do me.

Troy and I are talking about Troy’s favorite subject… trying to find a boyfriend for me. It’s sweet that he’s all concerned about my happiness, but he just doesn’t let up. Things get a little heated in our conversation and I could tell that my rejection of his every suggestion was getting to him. What happened next would change my life.

In a slightly louder than a whisper voice, he said, “Damn it Drew, you’re gay. You should have a boyfriend!”

“I know, but I wish you’d let me find my own boyfriend. Damn, Troy!”

A moment later, louder than we’d spoken, I heard my voice repeating what I had just said. Then again. The boys in the seat in front of us were ‘checking out’ the voice recorder feature of the new phone and had captured our conversation.

There it is, however accidental, I was no longer in the closet. Everyone on the bus had heard what was said. There could be no denying it. My life was over.

—— * ——

Two weeks later

—— * ——

Life at school has become a living hell. Everyone at school knows I’m gay. People who had previously ignored me laugh at me. My best friend, Troy, won’t even talk to me anymore because of what happened over the past two weeks. His association with me immediately shed doubt on his sexuality, so, out of fear of being wrongly exposed, he’s distanced himself from me.

I felt like I was ground zero for all the bad that could happen to a boy who’s different.

If not for the constant barbs, harassments, and punches being thrown in my direction I’d be totally alone. At this point I wish I was totally alone.

Friday afternoon. I only had two more hours left until I could escape this place and be home for two days of peace. But, as they say, it gets darker before the dawn, I ran into ‘him’. The biggest bully at school. Tommy O’Rourke. He and his ‘posse’ have been harassing kids at school since second grade. Now he had his sights set on me.

We were outside in the quad during our afternoon ‘refreshment’ break. Tommy and his crew came over, surrounding me. I knew this wasn’t going to be good.

“Well… if it isn’t the little fag boy. Out here looking for some dick to suck, Fag?” Tommy spat in my direction. Smartly, I kept quiet. But I’m not sure it was actually the smart thing to do. I probably should have screamed loudly hoping to get someone’s attention.

“Talk to me, Fag!” He yelled. I remained silent. He approached and his face was scowling at me from mere inches away. I could smell the sweat on his body. The badness of his breath. Unbidden, I could also sense the powerful pheromones being generated by his puberty.

The next thing I recalled was being on the ground. As he was staring me down, he kneed me in the groin causing me to collapse in pain. From every direction I felt kicks attacking my body. I curled up into a fetal ball to try to protect myself, but when seven boys are kicking you, there is very little possibility of being saved. Until it happens.

Suddenly, the kicking stopped. In my painful state, I heard a voice I remembered.

“What the FUCK is going on here?” The voice shouted.

Tommy and his crew shifted their attentions away from me and to the ‘intruder’ into their ‘fun’.

“It looks to me like you guys decided to gang up on someone who couldn’t defend himself against one of you, let alone eight. I’ve never seen a group of cowards like you. Get the fuck away from him before I get really mad.”

Tommy and his group dispersed and my savior came to me. “It’s okay Drew. I’m here now.” The voice was so familiar. It was kind and gentle. I tentatively uncovered my head and looked up. It was Micky. Micky Travers. My dream boy. My Savior.

He helped me up, and nearly carried me to the Nurse’s office. She was efficient, if nothing else. Micky stayed with me the entire time. He held my hand. After a silence he was about to speak when the Principal came in.

“Who did this to you, Drew?” I was too scared to reply.

“Micky, do you know who it was?” He asked, looking Micky in the eye.

“Tommy O’Rourke and his friends.” He quietly replied. “But, please, don’t tell them I said so.”

“No, of course not, I’ll simply tell them that one of the staff reported it as it was occurring, but you got there first.”

“Drew, we’re going to make sure this never happens again.” The principal said. I knew he couldn’t stop it, but at least he was going to try.

He left, and again, Micky and I were alone. Holding hands. Another long silence and he looked me in the eye. “Drew, I’m so fucking sorry. I have been a total asshole to you and you didn’t deserve it. See, I’ve secretly loved you since we were twelve. I was so afraid of being gay. I was afraid that if I told you, you’d tell everyone, so I tried to get you to hate me and avoid me. That was wrong and I’m sorry.”

I looked him in the eye and I could tell he was serious. He had tears beginning to form at the corners of his eyes. I reached up, quite painfully I must admit, and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Micky… I’ve had a crush on you forever. Do you think…” I said, but was cut off by Micky’s lips on mine. It was my first kiss. I wish I could have enjoyed it more without the pain I was in.

“Drew, will you be my boyfriend?” Micky asked softly in a voice I thought was very very sexy.

“I love you, Micky. I always have. I always will.”

So, Troy had been trying to set me up and I told him I wanted to find my own damn boyfriend… well… it seems that my own damn boyfriend found me.

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