“If you ever threaten him again, I’ll kill you!” cried Nick as he shook his fist at his boyfriend’s father. He turned to his boyfriend, stroking his back to calm him. They had just ‘come out’ to his parents and his father took the news badly. He threatened Bobby that if he continued pretending to be gay, he’d cut him off from the family money. He’d ‘beat the gay’ out of him.

Bobby’s mom just sat there. Probably too far gone from the martinis she’s been sucking down all day. I don’t understand rich people. It’s like having that much changes them. I am so very glad that Bobby isn’t like that.

We met, believe it or not, on a website chat room. It was a story site and we both loved reading stories about true love and romance. Okay, reading the hot sex scenes didn’t lessen the appeal.

We had both been members of GayAuthors.org (GA) for about six months and one night after about two months, we started talking in their chat room. We talked about stories we’d read, made recommendations, and had a ton of fun with the true randomness of some of the other chatters. But through it all, Bobby and I got to be friends.

Over the next month our friendship grew. We knew we were in the same time zone and even in the same state from our profiles, but, on one night he asked me in a private message where I lived. Normally, with all the internet safety shit you always hear, I wouldn’t have told him, but I did and was surprised when he sent back ‘Dude! We live in the same town! We gotta get together and meet!’

To say this wasn’t a shock would be a lie, but as they say, sometimes there are pleasant surprises. We met in a coffee house at about three in the afternoon and talked… and talked… and talked… until the guy who ran the place told us it was nearly midnight and they were closing. It was amazing.

We got together again a few days later and he admitted that he was attracted to me and I told him the feeling was mutual. We shared our first kiss, and at that moment I knew. He was ‘the one’.

Moving back to the night he came out to his parents… We left his house and went back to my apartment to discuss his options. He was the one who came up with the idea. He told me he wanted to be with me, more than just dating, so he told me his plan.

He was now 18, so he had legal access to his trust fund. He felt he needed to act quickly or it would be too late. Looking at the time, we still had a few hours before the banks closed. We went to my bank and he opened an account. Then we drove to the bank where his trust fund was deposited. He asked to speak to the bank manager.

We were escorted to an office where a mid-fifties man, wearing a suit that probably cost more than I make in a month, was seated behind a mammoth desk. Looking around the office, everything reeked of money. They exchanged pleasantries, Bobby introduced me as ‘a friend’ and they got down to business.

He told the man that he wanted to move his trust fund, in its entirety, to a new account he’d opened. Needless to say, after pulling up his account on the computer, the manager seemed a tad unhappy, but, what could he do?

“Will you be moving the entire balance?” The man asked.

“What is the current balance?” Bobby asked, probably knowing what it was before asking.

“Your current balance is seven million eight hundred ninety five thousand six hundred and forty two dollars and eighteen cents.”

Hearing this I was like ‘What?’ in my mind. I had no idea he was that well off.

“I will be transferring seven million, eight hundred ninety five thousand dollars. Leave the balance in the account.” Bobby intoned with a hint of sarcasm. He gave the man the wire transfer information and told us the transfer would be complete within about three minutes. We sat in silence. About a minute later the man said that the transfer had been completed.

Without a word, Bobby took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. He asked to speak to the manager. A few moments later he spoke again, “Can you tell me the balance of an account I opened this morning?” He gave the account information, and after a few moments replied, “Thank you. May I make an appointment to see you in say… 45 minutes? I’m aware we’re approaching closing time, but this matter is of utmost importance to me.” He listened for a moment, told the person thank you and that we’d be there as quickly as possible. He then hung up the phone and thanked the man whose office we were sitting in. We left.

We got back into the car and he asked me to take him back to the bank we’d opened the account at. On the way he said, “I hadn’t told you how wealthy I was because, I’m sorry to say, I needed to be sure you loved me for me, not my money. That said, I want you to be with me, but I don’t want you to feel trapped. I am going to transfer one million dollars from my account into a term savings account for you. Should you ever decide that I am not the one for you, you can feel free to go. No strings are attached to this. I just don’t want you to ever feel that you’re a ‘kept man’. I love you so very much.”

I was so shocked when I heard this I almost crashed the car. I explained to him that he didn’t need to do it, but he told me he did. It gave him peace of mind. We arrived at the bank and were met by the bank manager, who led us to his office. The office was efficient, clean, and didn’t seems as if too much had been spent on it. It wasn’t shabby by any means, but it was nowhere near as overboard as the previous one.

After sitting Bobby explained what he wanted to do. The manager then asked for my information which I gave to him. He tapped away at his computer, printed out a few forms which I signed, and after checking Bobby’s identification, tapped a few more keys. He handed me a statement showing I now had an interest bearing account, which was earning seven percent interest compounded daily. I held the paper in my hands and stared at it. This was more money than my father had earned in his entire life.

We thanked the bank manager for staying late and his reply made me laugh a little bit, he said, ‘I felt it important to cater to the needs of our branch’s largest depositor, now the branch’s two largest depositors. He gave each of us a business card which included his home and cellular phone numbers. We both shook his hand, and left.

We went back to my apartment and talked. We talked about the future. We talked about us. That night, for the first time since we’d known each other, we made love. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept.

We were awoken the next morning by Bobby’s phone ringing. He looked at the display and it was his father. Answering the phone, I heard his father yelling so loud i could hear every word. He was yelling about how Bobby stole from him, how he’d see that both he and his ‘fuckng gay whore’ would be put behind bars where we could ‘be handled by Bubba and his crew’. i was seething, but Bobby, calm and collected, said “Dad, I’m sorry you feel that way, but do me a favor and go fuck yourself. I’m happy in my new life, and I will avoid you at all times until you come to your senses. I love you even though you’re acting like a total ass. Goodbye Dad, please tell Mother I love her before she’s too sloshed to understand.” He then hung up the phone.

We’ve been together now for almost four years. We moved out of the apartment into a house that Bobby bought in both of our names. After about a year, Bobby’s mother passed away. His father came to our house, hat in hand, and apologized. He’s been a constant visitor to our home.

Bobby and I have applied to adopt a child. We decided to adopt a child that usually would live in some kind of home until he was eighteen. We are supposed to get the final word about adopting a twelve year old boy. I hope it happens. But… that’s another story for another day.


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