1- To create the rather unique and terrifying roar for the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park”, sound editors and foley artists combined the roar of a tiger, the bark of a dog, and the combined sounds of a penguin and an alligator.

2- While the episode has now been banned from being shown on television ever again, there is an extremely morbid ‘Tom And Jerry’ cartoon where the mouse is continuously trying to get Tom to believe that he’s attempting to commit suicide. (The weird thing is, I REMEMBER that cartoon!) Every time he goes to sleep, Jerry plays mean pranks, such as slipping a noose around his throat, gluing a bottle of sleeping pills to the palm of his hand, having him hold a knife while pouring ketchup on his chest, and even putting a pistol in his mouth. Remember, this was meant to be a ‘ha ha’ funny cartoon for children. That wacky duo and their traumatizing jokes…

3- Halloween is the only American holiday with a clinical phobia attached to it. It’s called ‘Samhainophobia’ and can cause panic attacks, dizziness, and nausea, in those who suffer from it.

4- While many people know the story of the Titanic and how it sank to the ocean floor, not many know of the Mackie Bennett. When the Titanic sank, hundreds of people went into the freezing waters of the Atlantic, most of them wearing life jackets. Seeing as those lifeless bodies couldn’t simply be left out there to drift, it was the ghastly job of the Mackie Bennett to make multiple trips out to the site and retrieve as many of the remains as they could, burying some of them at sea if they were too far decomposed to be saved. The ship found many, but not all. In fact, with the current, many of the still floating corpses were carried out to sea, with other boats running across them up to 6 months after the tragedy happened. It’s said that all of the bodies have yet to be accounted for. So if you’re ever sailing along a certain part of the Atlantic and you hear a thump…even now, 103 years later…you may have just found another one of the Titanic’s lost victims, floating along as if it was still asleep.

5- The reason that there are almost NO external shots in the original “Saw” movie is because the producers couldn’t afford it. So almost 100% of the movie had to be shot on a fabricated set somewhere, and nowhere outside or on the street. Permits and all! Ugh!

6- When “The Blair Witch Project” got it’s first limited release in theaters, the talents of the actors were highly celebrated for their realistic performances. There may be a good reason for that, concerning the female lead of the film, who later admitted that due to the unknown film makers and small crew, as well as a low budget and remote filming area…thought the director and crew might actually be filming a real life snuff film, with her as the main victim. I guess that would freak me out too!

7- The entire time that the little boy in “The Shining” was filming the movie, he was never once told that it was a horror film. In fact, he was never allowed to see it until after he turned 16 years old, and was mature enough to watch it on his own.

8- When the Chernobyl nuclear incident happened in April of 1986, the radioactivity made the entire area uninhabitable to humans, and it has remained that way for almost thirty years now! However, the animals, insects, and plant life, have all remained. For decades they have been in complete control of the Chernobyl territory. They’ve reproduced, claimed their territory, and continued on. But due to the extremely high radiation levels…many of these animals are highly deformed or horrifically disfigured in some way. Bucks with twisted antlers, wild dogs with eight legs, giant spiders that spin incoherent webs, two headed snakes, and many other jarring defects have been witnessed and photographed, even to this day. Not to mention hundreds and HUNDREDS of radioactive wolves! So if you’re ever within a one thousand square mile radius of the original Chernobyl accident, you might not want to go camping! Those woods are literally filled with monsters!

9- There are 9 states here in America that strictly enforce a ‘Haunted House’ disclosure law to all real estate agents who own those properties. If a house has even been rumored to be haunted by a number of former tenants, that has to be disclosed to the new buyers, and it can affect as much as 10% of the buyer price in the market!

10- There is a small village named Jatinga in India that is home to one of the world’s strangest unexplained phenomena. For some reason that science has yet to figure out, every single year, in September and October, between the hours of 6pm and 10 pm, thousands of birds come to Jatinga…just to die. Some say that they merely drop out of the sky for no reason at all. Others say that it is actually suicide, and that the birds deliberately fly into walls, windows, and trees, or simply dive directly into the ground itself. But only in this ONE village, only during those two specific months, and only between those few short hours of night. Creepy, ain’t it?

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