1- George Lucas created “Star Wars” simply because he couldn’t get the official licensing rights to the “Flash Gordon” franchise! >:O

2- Michael J. Fox was not the first choice to play ‘Marty McFly’ in the “Back To The Future” saga. Actor, Eric Stoltz, was. In fact, there is a great deal of actual film footage out there that exists with Stoltz in the title role, until it was eventually re-shot with Fox taking his place!

3- The ‘Harlem Shake’ videos were SO well beloved on YouTube, that (on MOST browsers) if you type ‘Do The Harlem Shake’ into the search window…not only will the song begin to play, but the entire page and the graphics on it will begin to ‘dance’ for you as well!

4- The planet Pluto is actually smaller than Russia.

5- Paul McCartney is the only singer/songwriter in music history to have ever topped the charts as a solo artist, as part of a duo, as part of a trio, as part of a quartet, AND as part of a quintet! What can I say? The guy’s amazing!

6- The very first British settlement in the new ‘Americas’ actually vanished from the face of the Earth without a trace. To this day, no one knows what happened to the almost 120 settlers who set up a small town on Roanoke Island. Food and supplies were left behind, and there has never been any evidence of illness or attack. Their disappearance remains as one of the oldest and most baffling American mysteries of all time.

7- Sir Alec Guiness (‘Star Wars’ original Obie Wan Kenobe) once told actor, James Dean, that the brand new car he purchased was evil, and that he would be dead in a month if continued to drive it. James Dean died in a car wreck only a few weeks later.

8- Approximately 400 years ago, there were two early Canadian settlers in Quebec, named Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Biré. Why is this fact so interesting? Because, due to their offspring and genetic lineage…this means that Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and Celine Dion, are ALL distant cousins! Funny who you’re related to, huh? 😛

9- Ethiopia has thirteen months on their calendar, not twelve. So…according to their cultural timeline, it’s only 2008 right now.

10- For the Manchu tribe…in order to show affection, mothers would often suck on their sons PENISES in public! >:O They did this because they thought ‘kissing’ was considered too much of a sexual act! What the…?

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