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Welcome to March, people! It’s a great time of year, don’t you think? The sun starts waking up earlier, shines a little longer, delivers us from evil (winter), and embraces us with spring! …unless you’re down under, then you’re screwed because it’s now autumn and the better days are behind you 😛 Neeeeener! >:D

Regardless of whether the weather is getting better or worse, Imagine has just released this month’s offerings and is waiting for you to drop in and have some fun! That’s bound to make anyone’s day brighter!

  1. The Divorce
  2. When it Follows You Home
  3. The Auranades: Episode 3 – Reckless
  4. The Dance
  5. Priorities: Chapter 4
  6. Comsie’s Fun Facts 19
  7. Comsie Talks: The Resurrected World of “Shelter”
  8. Cirrus’s Book Club: Mad World
  9. Cirrus’s Book Club: Savior
  10. Rotting Apples: Chapter 1 – Far From The Tree
  11. Rotting Apples: Chapter 2 – Eve’s First Bite
  12. Rotting Apples: Chapter 3 – One Bad Apple
  13. Shelter: Chapter 4
  14. Increase Your Writing Ability

Published March 1, 2016

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