Cover image to Cirrus's Book Club: Mad World, by Brokendreamboi

Today at Cirrus’ Book Club we’re featuring our first story by a Shack author. I’m always looking for more stories to review, so if you’ve written something you want me to look at, post a link.

“Mad World” by Bobby (aka Brokendreamboi)

As I started reading this story, it revived vague recollections that I might have read it before when the story first came out. It was fun story to revisit.

This is a love story, but between two people who desperately need each other. Twenty-two-ish real estate agent Michael’s life has been torn apart by a sudden and unexpected tragedy. Sixteen year old Collin is homeless and living on the streets. What starts as Michael simply offering Collin a meal and a shower blossoms into a romance… but the road to happiness for both of them is far from smooth. There’s also a mystery element to the story as Michael tries to uncover the full story behind the tragedy.

No sooner did I find myself finishing one chapter than I was immediately starting the next. Needing to know what happens next is a strong sign that the author is doing *somethin* right! I really enjoyed this story for going beyond being just another “boy meets boy” story. I found myself quite invested in the characters and I wanted love to triumph in the end. In case you think its all tears and confessions of love, Bobby writes some hot love scenes as well.

Perhaps my only criticism is that they key tragedy that kicks the story into action seems to come a bit out of nowhere. Plot twists can be unexpected at the time, but should make sense in retrospect. While some groundwork was laid before hand, I wasn’t COMPLETELY convinced the character concerned would act that way based on what happened earlier in the chapter.

That’s only very minor criticism in a story that I found very satisfying to read. Recommended.

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