Cover image for Cirrus's Book Club: Savior, by D.J. Jones

“Savior” is a vampire story set in Chicago. The plot, setting and style are all very reminiscent of “Gone From Daylight” which may have been a major inspiration for the story. There are no obvious cross-overs with GFD – Comsie’s characters don’t appear, there aren’t visits to the junkyard, the intricate GFD lore is absent… and yet there is nothing which rules out the possibility that the stories might exist in the same universe. As a reader you could imagine it either way.

Thirteen year old Tyler witnesses a vampire attack in an alley. At first he’s terrified… then one of the young vampires he witnessed follow him home, he becomes obsessed with tracking the vampire down.

David has a nice clean straightforward writing style, and the chapters are short, so the story is a fast enjoyable read. I found myself increasingly caught up in the action as the story went on, and the bittersweet ending left me wanting more. I highly enjoyed “Savior” and would recommend it to fans of “Gone from Daylight” and teenage vampire fiction.

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