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1- In the 80’s classic video game, Pac Man, there are 4 ghosts that chase you around the screen. However, each ghost is programmed to move differently from the others during gameplay. Blinky (Red) chases Pac Man directly. Inky (Blue) stays ahead of Pac Man at all times. Pinky (Pink) stays behind Pac Man at all times. And Clyde (Orange) moves randomly about the board.

2- Directed by Robert Zemeckis, if you look closely in one of the scenes of the animated movie, “[amazon text=Polar Express&asin=B000Q7ZO8U]”, you can see that the giant train is being powered by none other than “Back To The Future’s” flux capacitor!

3- Eating bananas can actually increase the volume of semen expelled during your ejaculations! Or maybe you just get really turned on by eating bananas! 😛

4- On July 4th, 1776, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental in creating and signing the original US Constitution. But what people don’t know is that they both later died on the exact same date! July 4th, 1826! Precisely 50 years later to the day!

5- The proclaimed father of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, once wrote a children’s book called, “Little Bobby’s Drunk Again”…and it’s about a little boy who becomes an alcoholic and actually ends up drinking himself to DEATH! Umm….wow…

6- If you pour bleach into a glass of Coca Cola…it will turn clear! Like…water clear! (I don’t suggest you go drinking anything you poured BLEACH into, though!)

7- Ariel, a really cute, really SHY, friend of mine that I went to high school with was written into both the “New Kid In School” and “Kiss Of An Angel” series on the site. Sweet, a little clumsy, and an artist…it was a lot of fun being able to write about him in a romantic way. But those two series weren’t his FIRST appearance in one of my stories. Years earlier, Ariel was actually the blueprint for ‘Josh’ in the story, “The Boy Next Door”…one of the first three stories ever created for the Shack Out Back!

8- In a study conducted by the University of London…teenagers are far less compassionate and much less empathetic when it comes to making decisions. Their brains are in a constant state of development, making them less likely to access the ‘guilt’ areas of their conscience in such cases. (No WONDER I got my heart broken so damn much back then! You MONSTERS!)

9- Bill Gates is actually a HUGE supporter of the ‘Agenda 21′ initiative! And has given many speeches (followed by a round of applause and sometimes a standing ovation) about how much better the condition of life would be if almost 90% of the world’s population were simply…’gone’. (In layman’s terms…that means MASS extermination, people! Just like the story! Aren’t you glad you contributed to making him so unbelievably rich? ::Grins::)

10- Michael Jackson performed two sold out shows in New York’s Madison Square Garden in September of 2001. He was scheduled to have a 9 AM meeting inside the World Trade Center on 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell…but he slept in that morning and decided not to go. (Conspiracy theory gold, right there!)

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