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I got a new laptop for Christmas! I’m so excited! Its an Apple!! It has all kinds of stuff preloaded on it. I don’t know what Dad paid for it, but its got art programs and Safari and this cool word processor here called ‘Pages’. ITunes too, but I have to convert all my MP3 music. That’ll be a chore.

Its my first one that isn’t a ‘hand me down’! I thought I’d practice and write stuff in here so I can get a head start on writing practice and figure out stuff! Its fucking powerful! Ooops….sorry. Wait…why am I apologizing to my computer screen? ROFL

I also got that World of Warcraft game to play on my new Mac. I am only supposed to play it for 2 hours. Its too addicting for that! I was up till 1 am last night leveling my Warlock! I’m SOOOO worn out today, but it was so worth it! I’m up to Level 26 and I only started Wednesday! Geeze I’mma geek!

Dad said its a tool to help with homework and with learning, but then he turns around and hooks me up with this digital Meph. LOL What’s that all about?

Dad took me to the Mall today. I needed new clothes for the Spring Semester and he decided to take advantage of the after Christmas deals. I’ve continued to grow out of my old ones since Summer and I’ve only gotten bigger over the Fall.

I can’t help but think back to this past Summer. It was very special for me. I visited Aunt Edthna and Uncle Stan’s ranch over the summer and they worked my butt off. But it was fun! The horses are the best!

I love horses. I learned to clean them, brush them, bridal them. I even learned to ride a little. One horse, Persky (hehehehe), I think he adopted me. He never wanted me to leave his corral. Liked to chew my hair, LMAO! Wouldn’t let go till I petted his nose and brushed his mane again. Sometimes I wish I could be a horse!

Well, I certainly grew like a colt! I must have added 6 inches to my height and about 25 pounds ‘nekked weight’ ~snicker~! Auntie sure knows her way around a kitchen! I ate so many pork chops I thought I was going to start oinking! Never got tired of ’em though. Dad never cooks like that. ‘Nothing fried in this house, Bran! It’ll stop your heart up.” ~sigh~ No wonder I can’t put on any weight around here.

My Dad got weird on me when I came home from the ranch. He looked at me like I was a stranger and then got this really strange look on his face. Happy, surprised, sad, confused, and satisfied all at once. He gave me a big hug and patted an squeezed my shoulders kind of roughly. He looked straight across into my eyes and his started to get all watery.

“You can look me in the eye now, Son! You can look me straight in the eye!” He said, hugged me and then quickly excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Like I said…weird! Yeah…

Anyways, so we went to the mall and I went to Abercrombie and Macy’s. Got some cool outfits. Black jeans, some slacks and a few shirts. I was sure to pick a green shirt. A tasteful one that was kind of forest green with like those hash tag stripe designs. I did it for my Mom. She always liked green on me. She always did…um. Time for Kleenex.

Saw a lot of kids I recognized doing the same thing….including….Joe. Mmmm. Oh Yeah, ‘JOseph’. What a prick! He didn’t see me though, thankfully. Just seeing him made my ears feel hot. Traitor! He and Raphael and Elmer. They pretty much screwed me over in Middle School. Can’t trust anybody anymore….~sniff~ Yeah…oh well. Maybe I’ll write about that later. I don’t know why…but its just…


… I wouldn’t let him. Big deal! He shouldn’t have tried. That’s all. 🙁

So, this semester will be a new chapter. A clean slate. I’d say they can kiss my ass but I know ‘JOseph’ would probably like that too much. LOL really *not* my type. Not after what he pulled.

I’ve been an outcast ever since….


Saw some new faces. There was this one cute little dude. About my age. Could have been older but he was kind of ‘dolled’ up kind of so it was hard to tell. Hair a little too perfect. Clothes a little too neat and a little too sharp. Walked a little ‘light’ in the loafers. Dad would have called him ‘funny’. Hehehehe! So like he had his hands in his white jacket pockets with a kind of, well, self satisfied look. He was blonde with blue eyes. Pretty, I guess might be a word for him. Naturally he caught my eye.

That always seems to happen for some reason. They always lock eyes with me. I looked away quick. I feel like an idiot staring sometimes. I looked up again and he had this half-smile that was really cute as he looked back at me with a gleam in his eyes. Then….

He winked!

I swear I don’t know why this stuff happens to me. I felt my cheeks get all flushed. I must have looked away again because I could hear a soft chuckle as he passed by. Something about the laugh set my teeth on edge for some reason.

Yeah….I checked out his butt. ~sigh~ He had those skinny jeans on. Left very little to the imagination. Nice pert little butt. I was kind of looking from my peripheral vision so I couldn’t tell, but I swear he looked back over his shoulder at me. I’m biting my lower lip right now. My underpants are suddenly starting to get a little tight down there in the ‘crotchetal’ region. Hehehe! I hope my Dad never reads this thing. He’ll think *I’m* ‘funny’ next.

Well there’s always the delete key right!?

Oh well. Dad was at the shoe store. Called me on his cell to say he’d already selected what I WILL be wearing to school and for gym and Basketball practice! He’ll never let that go. I’m going to get a basketball scholarship and put some of those basketball genes to work! He insists.

I don’t even *like* basketball!!

His selections weren’t half bad…not that I would have had anything to say about them. He insisted “Bran! If I never teach you anything in this life its that you NEED to have good shoes on your feet! Trust me on this, Son. You’ll thank me later!” He can be a crack-up….and he loves me enough to do it anyway even though it makes me laugh at him sometimes.

I guess you can tell that I really love my Dad. I’m an only child. He’s all I got and, I guess, I’m all he’s got. Mom…passed away a few years ago. It’s hard sometimes, ya know? I feel like a bug under a magnifying glass a lot. It gets lonely too. Especially when your so called ‘friends’ turn on you and slag your rep for the rest of Middle School! It’s not FAIR! I didn’t do anything wrong! Joe did! Boys aren’t supposed to do that sort of thing….

….are they?

I wish I had a brother or a sister. Or…..just somebody. Somebody I could talk to. Tell them about….stuff. Talk about it.

Somebody that could really get to kind of…..know me a little.

yeah……yeah. Maybe someday. I always ask God in a little prayer….every single night.

Ok…well. Time to Save this I guess. Click!

I have to go to Church in the morning. Dad likes to go to the early Mass….~sigh~ I wish I could just sleep IN!

Can’t play with my Warlock tonight….well….maybe a little bit. >:)

Goodnight Computer.

This is Brandon….Smiling!

~winks back at the blonde boy at the mall~

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