1- “Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest” for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System is the very first video game to have multiple endings depending on how many times you died during the game, and how long it took you to finish it.

2- ‘Slimer’ from the original “[amazon text=Ghostbusters&asin=B000E33W1W]” movie was actually created to be the ghost of John Belushi. Belushi was meant to play a major role in the film, but passed away shortly before filming began. Slimer was a memorial done by filmmakers to parody Belushi’s character from the movie “Animal House”, and to make sure that his spirit was kept alive.

3- The [amazon text=Ouija Board&asin=B00D4NJSG2] actually named itself! When it was developed, the makers asked the board what it should be called. And the marker spelled out ‘O-U-I-J-A’ as a response.

4- In “New Kid In School”, the character of ‘Ryan’ was based on a boy I went to Junior High with named Stephen. That’s why Randy’s full name is ‘Randy Stephens’.

5- The most popular Nine Inch Nails album, “[amazon text=Downward Spiral&asin=B0000262Q8]”, was composed, written, and recorded in the house where the Manson Family/Sharon Tate murders took place.

6- Statistically…the more money a couple spends on their wedding, the more likely their marriage is to end in divorce.

7- You can’t see your own eyes move in a mirror. Since you’re watching the reflection, your eyes are always tracking their own movements. You’d have to ‘look away’ for them to move in your reflection…but then you wouldn’t see the result. Would ya?

8- One of the futuristic punks in Griff’s gang in “Back To The Future II” was “Titanic” actor Billy Zane.

9- The idea that diamonds are rare and valuable gems worth tons of money is a myth. In fact, diamonds are pretty common. They’re EVERYWHERE if you know where to look. The reason they cost so much is because the De Beers company has set up a ‘rough market’ where diamonds areĀ hoarded and just tossed into a vault somewhere, keeping them out of circulation. If they were to all be released at once, the value would drop considerably, and they wouldn’t be worth much more than a handful of polished sea shells.

10- Oxford University is actually OLDER than the Aztec Empire!

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