This month’s cover is all thanks to the work of ACFan, who has also left us a sweet present on page 12! >:D But don’t skip ahead! We’ve also got a new story from Comicality, and continuations from our prolific authors! Take a gander, and let the authors know you stopped by!

  1. Written in Library by
  2. Fun Facts 21 in Community by
  3. The Auranades: Episode 5: Daunt in Library by Chad Blackman
  4. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 2 in Library by
  5. MMM: Before I Wake (2016) in Triple M. by
  6. Cirrus’s Book Club: Orbiting Jupiter, by Gary D. Schidt in Community by Cirrus
  7. Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Chapter 2: Love Bites in Library by
  8. Comsie Talks: Creating a Mythology in Workshop by
  9. Jaden Lieberher in WdotW by Comicality
  10. Chef (2014) in Triple M. by
  11. Edwin Asker in WdotW by Comicality
  12. ACFan’s Render Gallery #1 in Community by
  13. The Portals: Chapter 5 in Library by
  14. Priorities: Chapter 6: Going Back in Library by
  15. Jacob Sartorious in WdotW by
  16. MMM: Conversations With God in Triple M. by

Published July 1, 2016