1- Tears of joy are actually the human body’s way of reducing emotional tension in an attempt to restore your emotional equilibrium.

2- The first YouTube video to ever hit a million views was a Nike commercial.

3- Your body physically experiences loneliness in the same way that it experiences ‘pain’. Therefore, there is a human need to avoid loneliness through social interaction (for MOST, not all) the same way that it avoids physical pain.

4- In order to keep those salads looking crisp, green, and fresh, at your average fast food restaurant…companies spray the salad with a chemical called Propylene Glycol. The same chemical that is used in anti-freeze and sexual lubricants! (Enjoy your healthy alternative, folks!)

5- Small and hairless penises were actually preferred and highly desirable in ancient Greece. Larger, hairy, ones weren’t fancied that much at all by most people. (See? It was sexy to be 12 years old back then! ::Giggles::)

6- As its properties attract and easily bind to the green dye in American currency…almost 90% of all US dollar bills contain heavy traces of cocaine!

7- Child actor, Jake Lloyd (Young Anakin Skywalker from “The Phantom Menace”) has been quoted saying that Star Wars ruined his life. That he was bullied relentlessly since the film’s release, and was diagnosed as being clinically Schizophrenic at the age of 19, where he had multiple run ins with the law.

8- The human body, believe it or not, contains 0.2 milligrams of GOLD! Most of which exists in our blood! So…never let anyone tell you you’re not valuable. Hehehe!

9- The first astronauts that ever went to the Moon…did so WITHOUT life insurance! Because such a journey was so outrageously priced, none of the astronauts could afford it! >:O

10- The first celebrity that I ever sent a hand written letter to was “Terminator 2” teen actor, Eddie Furlong! I was barely 16, and had a huge crush on him at the time. Strangely enough…years later, I found an erotic story about Eddie Furlong on the Nifty Archive…which lead me to Dean Lidster…which led me to Jaxsper Finn! They were the first gay authors that I ever sent fan letters to online! And their inspiration led to the creation of the Shack Out Back! Funny how things work out, huh? 🙂

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