Priorities: Book 1, by TrueFan


*** ~~~ Trevor ~~~ ***

I woke up after another totally awesome sleep. That’s when it hit me — I had to go back today. The past couple of days gave me the chance to feel what it was like to be part of a real family, and I never wanted it to end.  Despite what Dad and Daddy, and even Grandpa had told me about being their son forever, I still had a pain in my heart at having to leave them.  Even if it was only going to be a couple days.

I was about to get out of bed when I heard a knock on the door. I called out for whoever it was to come in and Daddy opened the door and entered. I was still in bed with the covers over the bottom part of me hiding my morning boner. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed that he might see it. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I wish you didn’t have to go back today, Trevor. But Bobby told me it’s only for a couple of days then you can come back home where you belong.”  The look in his eyes told me he was being honest, and I even thought I saw a tear or two in the corners of his eyes.

I ignored the fact that I wasn’t wearing anything or even if I still had a bone when I literally threw myself at him and gave him the biggest hug! “I wish I didn’t have to go either, Daddy. I love you and Dad so much!” I know I had tears running down my face, but I didn’t care!

Daddy slapped my butt and said, “You get your cute naked butt into the shower and I’ll pack your bag. I’m sorry, but I tossed all of your old clothes into the donation bin yesterday so you’ll have to take some of your new clothes with you.”

I got out of bed and walked over to my bathroom door before turning back to Daddy, “For years I dreamed about being adopted. I had lots of times where people seemed to like me, but I’m really glad now that none of them adopted me so I could meet you and Dad. I know this is where I really belong now. I hope it’s not for long, but I can go back knowing you both love me and want me forever.”

Daddy just nodded through the tears he now allowed to flow freely down his face. I went into the bathroom and took a nice long shower.  Knowing I wouldn’t really have the chance to be alone,  allowed myself to think about Roger and immediately my dick got hard. As I pleasured myself to a mind-blowing squirt, I prayed that someday Roger and I could be together like Daddy was with Dad.

After finishing my shower and toweling off, I walked back into my bedroom… just the thought of my bedroom felt really good. Daddy was just finishing packing. “I couldn’t help but notice that the only packages of undies you’ve opened were the french bikini ones. I didn’t even know I’d bought those for you!”

Sheepishly I told him, “I kinda snuck those in on you at the store.” I took a pair and pulled them onto my body.

“Well, they do look really good on you, Son. Should I return the others and get you more of these?” He asked.

“Um, I’m not sure. I don’t think I’d like the regular boxer ones, and the regular briefs are kinda boring… but those ones that are a cross between them look cool. Keep them… the boxer briefs, and get more of them and the bikini ones, I guess.” It felt good. Like talking to my real Daddy.

He showed me what he’d packed so I’d know what was there. All the other kids were gonna be jealous of the new clothes I had.  I might give some to other kids before I come home again. When he handed me my journal I said, “Daddy, can I leave that here? I want it to be safe at home waiting until I’m back.”

He nodded then took two pictures out and handed them to me. “For Roger,” he said. I looked and there were copies of the pictures Dad had taken of me. One in my flower PJs and one after tasting wine for the first time. I smiled even though I had weird feelings about giving them to Roger.

I finished dressing then Daddy took my hand and led me downstairs for breakfast.  Dad and Grandpa were there, and I was surprised that Henri and some lady I figured to be his wife were at the table also.  “Good Morning, Henri. Good Morning, Dad. Good Morning… Um…”

“Good Morning, Trevor. This is my wife, Marine. If it’s okay with you, we’re going to accompany you when they bring you back to the orphanage.”

“Good Morning, Mrs. Duchamp.” I said respectfully.

“Good Morning, Trevor. Please, call me Marine. You are a very handsome boy!”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” I sat down at my seat and took a drink of my OJ.

“Trevor, I want you to know that you will be home again with us no later than Thursday morning.” Dad said. “If I had my way you wouldn’t be going back at all, but there are things that need to happen before we can do that.”

“I know Dad. Knowing that you both want me is enough. What you’ve done for me so far was so cool, I know I have to be good and be patient while you do what you need to so I can come home.” I felt on top of the world calling this home.

Marine kind of surprised me when she asked me about Roger. I told her all I could about him and asked if she wanted to see his picture. I handed it to her and she looked at it, then smiled. “Like you, he’s a very handsome boy.”

“May I ask you why you wanted to know about him?” I asked, hoping it didn’t seem wrong that I would question an adult.  Something that at the orphanage would have landed me in very hot water.

Grandpa told me, “Trevor, Henri and Marine have been wanting to adopt a child for a couple of years, and you made such an impression on Henri when he met you he told Marine about you. Your Dad suggested that they meet him and see if they wanted to adopt him.”

I was happy being here, but that news increased my happiness a hundred times! I leapt out of my chair and went straight to Marine giving her a huge hug around the neck. I was crying when I said, “That would be so cool! Roger has been my closest friend since I can remember, and I love him.”  Immediately, I realized what I’d said.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” I said looking at the floor.

“Trevor,” Henri started, “you have absolutely nothing to be sorry about.  I could tell by the way you talked about him how much he meant to you. I think he would be lucky to have you as his friend, let alone his boyfriend. But, first things first. We need to meet him and together, he and us, we need to agree he’d like to become our son. Then, once he’s with us, you two can explore if you are meant to be together or just best friends. Either way, you will have all the support your parents or we can give. But… you cannot tell him straight away that is our intention. I do not want him to feel as if he has to do this.”

“I understand, Sir. I am just happy you are giving him… and us… a chance. Thank you so very much!”

We sat around talking until Dad said it was time we had to go to get back. As I walked out of the kitchen, I looked around the house. I couldn’t feel anything but sorrow at having to leave it and hope that once I came back I’d never have to leave it again. We got to the front door and when we stepped out there was the biggest limo I’d ever seen waiting there.

I ran out to it and couldn’t believe it. I’d never even dreamed of seeing one in person, let alone riding in one. I just wish it wasn’t where we were going to being my first time in one. Kinda took the excitement away when I realized it.

Henri, Marine, and Grandpa got in first then Dad, me, and Daddy. The car was totally amazing. I had to check things out. There seemed to be a button, switch, or some sort of gadget for everything. There was even a refrigerator with cold drinks in it!

We pulled out and I looked out the back window at the house as we pulled away. I had a tear running down my cheek and Dad reached up and wiped it off with his thumb. “You’ll be back before you know it, Son. You can take that to the bank!”

On the way, Dad explained to me what was going to happen. I would be checked back into the orphanage in Mrs. Granger’s office. Then we’d go to my room.  All of us except Henri and Marine.  Mrs. Granger would call Roger out of class to report to the placement office while I showed Dad, Daddy, and Grandpa around.

After that, they’d leave and go to the lawyer to file the papers to adopt me. Dad explained that usually it takes a long time to get them processed, but Grandpa arrange for them to be done in a couple days instead of a couple months.  In the meantime, I could tell Roger all about my weekend. I would, according to Dad be going home by Thursday, and they were gonna try to arrange for Roger to visit Henri and Marine on Friday, for the weekend.

“Do you think if Roger is allowed to visit them on the weekend he could sleep over on Saturday night?” Henri looked at Marine, who nodded, then he told me that wouldn’t be a  problem. In one way I was sad, but in another I was really excited. It might work out that Roger and I would have a chance together, without all the fuss of the others at the orphanage.

We pulled into the gates of the orphanage and all of a sudden I got really nervous. I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind. I kept telling myself that they loved me as much as I loved them. Dad wouldn’t let anything stop them from adopting me!

We got to Mrs. Granger’s office and she greeted me. “Oh my, Trevor, don’t you look wonderful! Did you have a good time?”

“Oh yes! It was awesome, Mrs. Granger. Thank you so much for allowing it!” I told her in a very excited tone.

“Fine, why don’t you show Mr. King and Mr. Peterson, and their father your room while I have a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Duchamp.”

I left the office with my parents, God it felt good to think of them that way, and my Grandfather behind me. I explained all the rooms we passed on the way, we heard the announcement for Roger to report to the Placement Office about the time we finally got to my room. I opened the door and they entered. Daddy looked around and said, “You have to share this room with Roger and another boy too? It’s far too small for three teenaged boys!”

“It’s really okay, Daddy. It’s all I’d ever known before going home with you.”

We talked about the activities we had at the orphanage and seeing it gave them some perspective as to what I was talking about. After about half an hour, Roger came bursting into the room, followed by Henri and Marine.

He came to me and wrapped me in a hug, “Trevor! They said they want to adopt me too! I’m gonna go visit them next weekend! Isn’t that cool!”

It felt so good having him in my arms I couldn’t help myself and I gave him a huge kiss. We even swapped tongues! A ‘cough’ behind me reminded me of where we were and we broke our kiss. I blushed and said, “I’m sorry. I kinda couldn’t help myself.” Roger was really blushing too.

“Rog… Guess what else. Next weekend, when you’re with Henri and Marine, you will get to come over my house and spend the night on Saturday. My bedroom is huge! And my bed is bigger than all three of these put together. Oh, and my shower.. it has seven heads in it!”

Even though Roger is about six months older than me, he’s about the same size so I showed him some of the clothes I got. I told him he could wear any of them he wanted.

Dad told me they had to leave so I gave everyone a hug and a kiss and thanked them for everything. Roger gave Henri and Marine a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He told them he was looking forward to his visit next week.

We walked them out to the limo, gave everyone another hug before they got into the limo and we watched them pull away. I had tears in my eyes watching them go, but I knew I’d be with them soon.

Roger and I started walking back to the building, but I didn’t want to go back into our room just yet. We walked around the grounds for a bit and eventually sat on a bench out on the sports field, way off in the corner.

We talked and I told him all about what I did on the weekend. He really laughed when I showed him the picture of me all dressed up like a flower. Then I told him about my day with Grandpa and getting to eat at McDonalds.  He told me he was totally jealous, but I promised him we’d go next weekend. We had another laugh when I showed him the picture of my first taste of wine.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t tell him about going in the hot-tub with Dad and Daddy naked, nor did I tell him about skinny dipping with Dad. We’d been talking a while and I got another urge to give Roger another kiss, so I did.

As we were kissing we heard from behind us, “I just knew you were a couple-a fags!” Alex had found us, and he’d seen us kissing. This could not be good.

[to be continued]

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