The summer may be coming to an end, but blue skies and skin and shorts so wet they’re likely to fall right off never go out of season at the Shack Out Back! Celebrate eternal awesome with the Shack Out Back’s 31st release!

  1. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Chapter 3: Quartz, Onyx and Ruby in Library by
  2. Cirrus’s Book Club: Drag Queen, by Jeffery Self in Community by Cirrus
  3. The Shack Branches Out in Community by
  4. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 3 in Library by
  5. Miles To Go: Chapter 1 in Library by
  6. Miles To Go: Chapter 2 in Library by
  7. Miles To Go: Chapter 3 in Library by
  8. The Portals: Chapter 6 in Library by
  9. Shelter – Chapter 6: The Kiss & The Coming Storm in Library by
  10. Comsie Talks: The Cliché Of Not Being Cliché in Workshop by
  11. The Auranades: Episode 6: Flaunt in Library by Chad Blackman
  12. Fun Facts #22 in Community by
  13. Safehaven: Chapter 1 in Library by
  14. Priorities: Chapter 7: Revelations in Library by
  15. MMM: No One Lives (2012) in Triple M by
  16. Griffin Gluck in WdotW by Comicality

Published September 1, 2016

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