1- Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to ever walk on the Moon? His mother’s maiden name was ‘Moon’. And the 1st man to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong (Neil A.), spelled backwards is ‘A.Lien’! 🙂

2- Young actor, Noah Schnapp (‘Will’ from the Netflix series, “Stranger Things”), is also the voice of ‘Charlie Brown’ in the “Peanuts” movie.

3- Your average ‘professional’ Youtuber makes anywhere from 50 cents to 1 dollar for every 1,000 views their video gets! One hundred thousand views might mean 100 dollars. One MILLION views might get you up to 1,000 dollars per video! Per month! Considering they could probably upload two or three videos a day over a 30 day period if they wanted to… that adds up to a LOT of money pretty quickly! (Goddamn you, Jacob Sartorius!) :O

4- There are more than 370,000 pieces of random ‘space junk’ orbiting the Earth at this very moment. Some of it is random space debris, some are detached rocket pieces, and some are from thousands of man made satellites. It’s whipping around the Earth, nonstop, at 22,000 mph right now as you read this! So…every time that we leave our atmosphere and go into space… we make it MORE dangerous to leave our atmosphere and go into space!

5- Your body is equipped with a sensory defense mechanism called ‘olfactory adaptation’. This means that you are unable to detect the scent of your house, your car, or even your own brand of cologne or perfume, over extended periods of use, because the body adapts to it and becomes more concerned with looking for scents that it finds ‘unfamiliar’ in order to keep you safe.

6- There is an invention going into production that can clean your clothes in any sink while on vacation… using NO detergent or washing powders of any kind! Instead, it uses just water and high frequency sound waves to clean your items, has no harsh contact, no fading, and works in any hotel sink while traveling.

7- At full sprint, a cheetah actually spends more time being airborne than it does having any contact with the ground whatsoever.

8- Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the entire planet that doesn’t have a river, lake, or major body of water, anywhere within its borders.

9- The celebrity characters in the story, “GFD: Fanboys” (Adam Turner and Julian Clarke), are actually characters from Erick’s spinoff story, “Unscripted”, on the ‘Blood Bank’ website. The story is about a cast of teen boys who are in the midst of actually filming the very movie that our fanboys fell in love with!

10- You might think that the most powerful character in all of Marvel Comics might be some powerhouse like the Hulk, Magneto, the Phoenix (Jean Grey), Galactus, or Dr. Strange… but it isn’t. Actually, one of the single most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe is an 11 year old blond boy named Franklin Richards (The son of Sue and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four). He’s beyond being an Omega level mutant, and with the ability to warp reality to match ANY thought that comes into his head whenever he feels like it, this makes him about as ‘god-like’ as you can possibly get. If not for his young age, Franklin Richards would easily be able to defeat all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains with nothing more than a simple thought. Yikes! Imagine HIM as a brooding teenager! Hehehe!

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