While spending my nights writing new material and doing all I can to avoid sleep, I’m constantly pushing myself to try something new with the stories I’ve told over the years. Something different. Something original. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But, thanks to the awesome collection of fans the Shack has gathered over the years, I’ve realized that I can’t even touch some of the great ideas and amazing talents that they’ve come up with all on their own! Not only showing a true appreciation and loyalty to the source material, but enhancing it ways that I’ve NEVER even thought of before!

It is because of them that the Shack is now preparing to spread out into areas of entertainment that I didn’t think were possible a few years back. The readers have been wowing me with what they can do all on their own, and because of their efforts, I’m more inspired than ever to keep up with them!

The very first big attempt to allow readers to share their creative sparks with the site and with the rest of the world came in the form of the “GFD: Blood Bank” website! “Gone From Daylight” was a story that I posted on the first one year anniversary of the site, and it dealt with young teen vampires living in an abandoned car lot/junkyard on the outskirts of town. I was taking a big chance on the idea and the concept, but that was the whole point, right? Trying something new. Show that I wasn’t just a ‘one trick pony’, as they say.

The response was much more intense than I ever could have imagined! And once the sequel had been posted to the site, there were people offering artwork, poetry, music, etc… as well as short stories of their own! So the “Blood Bank” (Just as the name implies) was originally built by Jeff P. and @ACFan to hold the fan work and give those authors and artists the recognition that they deserved. The site went through a few rebirths, and is currently being offered for all to see at https://gfdbloodbank.com/, thanks to @TurtleBoy, who redesigned everything from scratch and picked it up for a new audiences to enjoy. You can find more “GFD” fanfare there than you will anywhere else online! Hehehe, I couldn’t been more happy!

But our humble expansion doesn’t stop there!

Brand NEW submissions have been coming in recently, where loyal readers have been using their skills to further explore this fun little world that we have with the stories and characters that you’ve come to know and love in a variety of different ways, from a much more personal perspective. SOME of these new things I can show you! Hehehe, others, I cannot! Not yet, anyway. But I know you’ll be just as shocked as I was when you see all of the avenues that are now being opened up with this material, and you can get a hint of where the “Shack Out Back” will be going in the near future!

I’ve always believed in sharing the talent of others with as many people as I can so we can all benefit from it. It can’t just be about ME all the time! Hehehe! From the stories I’ve read, to my musical tastes, to the kinds of underground movies that I like, I’ve always made an effort to let everybody around me know, “Hey, this isn’t getting enough attention! Stop by some time and give them some love when you get a chance!” And it wasn’t long before @TurtleBoy’s project, “Imagine Magazine”, came into play to act as a perfect playground for that kind of thing! ‘Imagine’ is an online magazine that exists, both as an archive for past posts, discussions, and collected articles… but also as a showcase for new authors and new stories to hopefully get noticed and receive some extra feedback. Imagine Magazine (https://imagine-magazine.org/) entertains with everything from the sweet and simple short story, to the goofy antics and random silliness that we get into on the board and in the chatrooms, to book and movie reviews for the person who’s practically ‘seen it all’. I’ve always felt like Imagine was a long-lasting peek into who we all are on the Shack. A record of our family bond, as well as an inspiration for anyone else who wants to be a part of it. You’ll find brand new stories and series there from a variety of exceptional authors, as well as writing tips, public discussions, and a little bit of fun. You’ll also find a story called “Brandon Smiling” from @MrM (https://www.gayauthors.org/story/mrm/brandonsmilingfromthebillychasechronicles), which is a direct spinoff of the “The Secret Life Of Billy Chase” series that you’ll definitely want to check out as soon as you get a chance! Like I said, the raw talent that you guys possess truly amazes me sometimes!

GFD Audio BookA whole new generation of Shackers are now stepping forward to take the Shack to the NEXT level! Thanks to the fans, new possibilities are preparing to take centerstage! Including Scott’s brand new AUDIO reading of the entire “Gone From Daylight” chapter! And this was the rough draft version! I can’t tell you how cool it was to hear that for the first time! I can barely remember writing any of that! Hehehe, he nailed it! I’ve posted a ‘sample’ of the 3-part audio book on the ComicalityShack Youtube account, if you want to check it out for yourself! But if you want to hear more of the original recording, you can find all three sections of the first chapter HERE on the ‘Vampire Warehouse’ forum! Not only does Scott embody the mood and tone of the whole story, but his voice actually sounds like a teenage ‘Justin’, dealing with the weight of the material he’s been given to work with. So, I’m extremely impressed, and I’ve asked him to stick around to do more in the future!

Speaking of audiobooks, there is an awesome reading of the first chapter of “New Kid In School” as well that was sent to me, and I really loved it as well! And I went crazy for the accent too! Hehehe! You guys can listen to that recording HERE in its entirety! I would really love to spice up “New Kid” from scratch with a major re-edit and eventually put it out as an ebook! I feel like I’ve learned soooooo much since then when it comes to my writing! It’s insane! But who knows when that’ll happen. Someday, I suppose! Hehehe! That’s going to be a HUGE undertaking, believe me! But YES! Audio versions of your favorite stories might just be the next step in branching out from just online fiction!

Also, thanks to Sanderix’s German translation of the “Gone From Daylight” storyline (Four or five chapters and growing!), inspiring some others to get involved as well! (THANKS, Sanderix!) This includes ‘Juliane’, who is an exceptional artist who began creating a comic book version of “GFD”! Which is… WOW! You guys KNOW how much I love my comic books! Hehehe! So as soon as I get some time and more info and pictures to share with you all, I’ll be sure to put it right here for you all to see!

taryn-fin2 screenshot-8-1 rage-n-stuffs gfd-comic dion-finn billy-chase-animation

New additions to the Shack possibly branching out into new territories also come from super talented artists like @ACFan, who has made some rather HOT, 3D rendered, internet graphics for the characters you love! Zuln, who not only has done some sweet drawings of her fave “GFD” characters, but she is now actually working on making a short series of “Billy Chase” animations that you’ll be able to view on this site soon! THAT… would be insane! And there are new Sims 4 representations of Derrick and Tanner from “A Class By Himself”… which look absolutely STUNNING when you see them! Again… WOW! 🙂

a-class-by-himself a-class-by-himself2 a-class-by-himself3 vsi0001

More ebooks are guaranteed to pop up on Amazon.com much more often than ever before! Including continuing ebook series like “GFD: Rogue Angel” (bringing the next THREE chapters of the vampire saga to the ebook age), “Boys Of Widow Lake: Depths Of Devotion”, the long awaited sequel to “Always” (Book Two: Witness), and my very first ‘horror’ centered ebook, “Darkness Waits”, which is a four story anthology that I hope to have ready in time for a Halloween release! On the side, I’m still working on a six part vampire action series called “Pakrats”, where each of the 5 main characters will get their own story first, and then unite in the 6th chapter, “Showtime”! pr-6-showtimeThe story is loosely based on the Frank Sinatra ‘Rat Pack’ era, and was supposed to start publishing last Summer, but I decided that I wanted to have all five stories finished before I started posting so I could keep that monthly momentum going once I got started. The whole series revolves around the supposed ‘criminal’ element in Chicago, the aristocracy of the Elders, and how Justin’s prophesized appearance in their world is rapidly causing things to fall apart while the ‘powers that be’ are struggling to maintain order. This is the first time that I’ve ever done anything like this for the ebook audience. Never on this scale. So wish me luck!


Anyway, despite all of the new kinks and wrinkles that still need to be ironed out first (mostly because of my sad lack of communication! LOL!), it’s coming! Believe me… a new era is on its way! And it’s all because of YOU guys that the site is constantly growing and evolving into something that I never could have predicted in the beginning! I believe in you all, because you all once believed in me! And if anyone else wants to jump on board and be a part of the new Shack Out Back generation? You’re MORE than welcome! I’ll be sure to let everybody know where to find ya! Imagine Magazine, the GFD: Blood Bank, the boards, the YouTube account… anywhere! Things will only get better from here! Might as well join the party, right? Hehehe!

Let’s get together and do the impossible!

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