Cover image for Imagine: Volume 32.

Happy Halloween, Shakers of the Dark! Today we’re celebrating across the board and have dedicated nearly the entire issue to Halloween! Booo hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! It’s spooktacular! XD

  1. AC Fan’s Halloween Collection in Community by
  2. The Portals: Chapter 7 in Library by
  3. What Scares You? in Community by
  4. 13 Horror Shorts in Community by
  5. Cirrus’s Book Club: Simon vs The HomoSapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli in Community by Cirrus
  6. Light At the End of the Tunnel: Chapter 4 in Library by
  7. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 4 in Library by
  8. Fun Facts #23 in Community by
  9. Adagio in Library by
  10. Comsie Talks – Darkness Waits: The Building Blocks of Horror in Volume 32 by
  11. The Auranades – Episode 7: Wild in Library by Chad Blackman
  12. The Horrific Beauty of Joshua Hoffine in Community by
  13. The Elixir in Library by

Published October 30, 2016