Simon is gay, closeted, and emailing anonymously with another gay boy at his school he knows only as “Blue”. But now one of his class mates saw the email programme Simon left open, and is threatening to out him unless Simon sets him up with Simon’s friend Abby. The relationship between his friends is getting more complicated, opening night of the school musical is getting closer, and the emails with the frustratingly shy Blue are getting more flirtatious by the day.

This is a fun read. The book is told from Simon’s point of view, but periodically interrupted by the email exchanges between Simon and Blue. The email conversations feel very true to life – occasionally revealing, occasionally flirty, filled with the type of things you might say to someone anonymously in an email but would be terrified to say to someone in real life. Simon starting to fall for someone he’s never met feels pretty natural, as does Blue’s reluctance to admit his identity or meet Simon in real life. Guessing who Blue might be gives the story a bit of a mystery element. The author leaves enough clues that his identity is guessable and makes sense. It’s a charming story, filled with an interesting cast of supporting characters.

The title comes from Simon’s conviction that *everyone*, gay or straight, should have to go through the awkwardness of a coming out experience.

By Cirrus

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