1- When the original “[amazon text=Blair Witch&asin=B0049EVR3C]” movie was released, so MANY people thought that it was a real and legitimate document of people who were actually ‘missing’ that the parents of the three actors received a flood of sympathy cards in the mail from people who saw it in theaters.

2- At the end of the original novel, “[amazon text=The Jungle Book&asin=1940177596]”, Mowgli goes to live with his own kind, but the other humans reject him and cast him back out into the wilderness. Enraged by their judgement of him, Mowgli goes back and enlists the help of his animal friends to come BACK to the human village… and viciously tear the entire human settlement apart, slaughtering everyone inside! Hehehe, that Kipling… you crazy writer, you! 😛

3- Diehard religion during childhood… can cause actual brain damage! And that damage is irreparable past a certain age. Scientific studies have proven that extended exposure to heavy theological beliefs harshly affects the Hippocampus part of the brain. To young children, indoctrinating them with the threat of eternal damnation if not following the teachings of their particular religion (Whatever that religion may be) while blocking out all other forms of conflicting ideas or beliefs, causes certain parts of the Hippocampus turn themselves off… and those parts of the brain begin to atrophy over time from lack of use. For every year that you maintain this behavior, it becomes harder to break this pattern of thinking. The threat of going to Hell forever, especially for children, entangles itself with the human ‘self preservation’ instinct. Which means your brain logically puts ‘not doing what the Bible tells you’ in the same category as ‘don’t pet the angry bear’. Religion isn’t bad, but if you’ve been smothered in it since birth… there’s a chance that you may never be able to let go of it.

4- Right now, as you read this, there are approximately 200 CORPSES located on Mt. Everest! These are people who dared to achieve greatness by climbing up to the top of the tallest peak on Earth, but simply didn’t make it. The spookiest part is, these bodies are right out in the open. Frozen and preserved and even used as markers (And warnings) for other mountain climbers to follow. The bodies are too high up to be retrieved and sent back for proper burial, and there have even been stories of people being found near death, who have begged for help, but there were no resources or equipment to get them down to a safe level for rescue. So they had to be deliberately left behind to perish. Remember this, kiddies! Just in case you go looking for that particular thrill.

5- Many major studios, in an attempt to save money, have the opportunity to buy archived laugh tracks for TV shows and movies. These laugh tracks can be decades old… and can be mixed in with more current laugh tracks as well. Considering that this was an adult audience at the time of recording, and the average lifespan of a human being… chances are that most of the members of this audience are no longer alive. When you are watching your favorite sitcom with a laugh track… you may actually be listening to the laughter of the DEAD! Muahahahaha!

6- A lack of sleep for an extended period of time can cause hallucinations, mostly resembling the sight of seeing shadows moving out of the corner of your eye. It was my own experience with insomnia and following hallucinations that led to the GayAuthors Premium Content novel, “Empty Corners”, where the shadows were real, and have a much creepier agenda.

7- In the late 80’s, director Victor Salva wrote and directed a horror movie involving clowns. “Clownhouse” (Also starring a very young Sam Rockwell) was well received, as clowns are scary enough without them running around killing people. But it is what happened behind the scenes that gives this movie its truly sinister feel. Once the movie was finished, it was revealed that Salva had been secretly forcing sexual acts on the film’s youngest star, Nathan Forest Winter. Not only that, but he filmed the acts as they took place, and was arrested once his home was raided to find even more child pornography stashed away. So when you watch the film, from the opening credits throughout the rest of the movie, the camera seems to perve over the boy with every shot. What you are actually watching is the cinematic vision of a convicted child molester… filming the very boy that he was molesting at that time. Knowing this backstory and watching the boy being relentlessly pursued by psychotic clowns in full makeup is deeply unsettling, and makes this one of the creepiest horror movies ever made! It is available on YouTube in its entirety, and the first five cringe worthy minutes alone is a dead giveaway for what was going on. Victor Salva didn’t stop there, however. You may know him for his work with the “Jeepers Creepers” movie (Featuring a young Justin Long), and “Jeepers Creepers 2” (Which begins with a young blond boy being snatched into a cornfield by a monster and carried off… never to be seen again!). “Jeepers Creepers 3″… is set to be released in 2017. The role of the main character, a young boy named ‘Dary’… has yet to be cast…

8- While you may not remember most of them, studies show that your dreams are more often negative than positive when you’re having them. It is believed that this is an evolutionary trait in human beings that allows us to deal with guilt, sadness, and insecurities, while we sleep. A time when our conscious mind doesn’t cover up our emotions for the sake of others. Which means… chances are… you’re having many more nightmares on average than snuggly dreams of that cute guy you saw in the park last week! 🙂 Remember that when you go to bed tonight.

9- Ed and Lorraine Warren are world famous demonologists (You may have seen their exploits displayed in such movies as “The Conjuring”, “The Conjuring 2”, “Annabelle”, and “Amityville”). In real life, they have a dark museum of supernatural objects and possessed items that they have collected over the years. Ed Warren passed away a few years ago, and Lorraine is a senior citizen who, obviously, can’t live forever. But as the objects in this private museum are covered with severe warnings to never touch them, never open their cases, and never handle the objects with your bare hands… what will happen when they’re both gone? This is, allegedly, one of the largest collections of maliciously haunted items on the planet. Is it possible that one day soon… they will all be set free?

10- Does Satan have his own version of the Bible? And is it on display somewhere for the public to view whenever they like? Apparently, YES! The ‘Codex Gigas’ exists as one of the oldest surviving manuscripts in history! The book is so large that it takes two people to carry it, and was made from over 150 animal skins! It can be viewed in Stockholm, Sweden, and the mystery surrounding its creation (Including an artistic rendering of the Devil himself) is one of the most fascinating parts of the manuscript itself. Supposedly, a monk was being punished for breaking the vows of his monastery, but bargained his way out of it by saying that he would write a book containing all of human knowledge in a single night, and that he sold his soul to Satan in order to make that so. Handwriting and ink analysis has concurred that the entire Bible was written by the same author. There is no deviation in the handwriting at all. However, for such a lengthy text to be possible… the same author would have had to write, nonstop, for a minimum of FIVE YEARS without sleep to complete it! (Which is not humanly possible, and certainly not in one night.) The text contains the entire Bible, word for word, but also contains at least seven additional texts that do NOT appear in the old or the new testament. Is Satan telling the world what God doesn’t want us to know? We may never know… until it’s too late, that is.

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