Just in case your dream tank was empty and you were running low on a steady stream of total nightmare fuel, then you need to look no further than artist, Joshua Hoffine, for a full service fill up! If you haven’t heard the name or seen his work before, then read on, horror fans. This is one visual artist who is sure to stir up a few fearful thoughts and a collection of goosebumps…all with a single picture.


Featured in magazines and news circulations, Joshua Hoffine’s special brand of ‘horror photography’ have grown extremely popular over the past few years, and he gets more ambitious with each following project. His work has been called ‘disturbing’, ‘jaw dropping’, and downright ‘unsettling’, by many…and yet those feelings of dread and repulsion only seem to add to their utter fascination with his art. With his impeccable eye for detail, mixed with heavy doses of passion, patience, and ingenuity…even the harshest critics have to praise him for the photos’ creativity and creepy vintage appeal. Truly capturing a tense moment like no other, Hoffine brings our worst fears to life…creating realistic scenes involving ghosts, ghouls, zombies, monsters, and madmen. And when I say that he brings them to life, I mean that in more ways than one.

He does all that he can to avoid using any kind of photoshop or digital effects in his work. When you look at his photos, those are actual actors in real life costumes, make-up, and professionally applied prosthetics. Joining together with a talented crew of special effects artists and contract carpenters, Joshua Hoffine sets up every elaborate photo by building handmade sets, drawing images and storyboard concepts, and hiring performance actors to be the center of his work. Also, many of the young girls and infants in his dark photos are actually one of his five daughters, who he allowed to be in them as long as they were not frightened by the characters and images standing in front of them. A practice that he once got so much hate mail for that he had to create detailed ‘behind the scenes’ extras to prove that he was not abusing the children or scaring them into being a part of the process.




In order to fund his elaborate projects, many which cost thousands of dollars for materials, lighting, and set design…all for the sake of a single shot…Hoffine has often taken to Kickstarter, where his loyal fans can donate money to his efforts and help him put forth a quality effort into the masterpieces that he creates. Some for photos, some for other projects (like his photography compilation book, “Joshua Hoffine: Horror Photography”), or even for projects like his short horror film, “Black Lullabye”, featuring a little girl who may be stuck in her house with a creature of some sort. An extremely CREEPY display of what he can do when the pictures in his head begin to actually move, “Black Lullabye” can easily be found on YouTube:


It can be fun to follow your own morbid fascination with Hoffine’s work and let it draw you in until you’re forced to turn away. An artist in every sense that remains true to his craft, and has honed his skill to perfection. I suspect that he’ll just keep challenging himself every time he gets an insane thought in his head…and he’ll just keep going until he finds that one sinister photograph that the rest of the world just isn’t ready for.


He wants us to be disturbed. He wants us to feel uneasy.


Well…mission accomplished!

Happy Halloween…

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