Imagine Volume 33

IMAGINE 33 has arrived! Holy smokes! This time around, we’ve gone to the Library and checked out our maximum quota! *gasp* Shh, don’t speak. It’s time to read!

  1. Light At The End of The Tunnel: Chapter 5 in Library by
  2. The Auranades: Episode 8 in Library by
  3. Release Me: Chapter 2 in Library by
  4. Safehaven: Chapter 3 in Library by
  5. Miles To Go: Chapter 4 in Library by
  6. Switched On in Library by
  7. The Not-So-Secret Animation of Billy Chase in Community by
  8. The Portals: Chapter 8 in Library by
  9. Comsie Talks: Cutting Things Out in Workshop by
  10. Release Me: Chapter One: At Least It’s Love in Library by
  11. Fun Facts #24 in Community by
  12. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 5 in Library by

Published January 1, 2017