1- Every time you go to the gas station to fill your car up… you may be putting your LIFE at risk! While most people are aware of the dangers of leaving the car running or smoking around the gas pump, there is a third precaution that is clearly detailed on the pump that no one pays attention to. You are actually supposed to touch both of your hands to a metal surface before filling up your car to rid yourself of any possible built up static electricity. While this rule goes highly unnoticed, the slightest accidental spark could cause the gas fumes to ignite, setting both you AND your car on fire! So… remember that! 😛

2- In the Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” music video… TWO of those girls were actually no longer a part of the group! They started off with four members, including Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Then two were fired from the group without even knowing it until after the video had already been shot, and a third member, Michelle, was picked up to create the three member group that the world came to know and love. So if you’re watching that particular video and wonder who the heck those ‘other’ two girls are, and why there are four of them in some scenes and not others… yeah, they’re not in the group anymore. Harsh!

3- If you pour bleach into a glass of Coca Cola…it will turn clear! As clear as water! (But be sure to pour it out RIGHT after that! Don’t drink it! Hehehe, that will not turn out well for you!)

4- The look of the character, ‘Bookworm’, in “Gone From Daylight: Blood Ties” was modeled after a teenaged Thomas Brodie Sangster.

5- Many people know of the accident during an 80’s Pepsi commercial that badly burned Michael Jackson and sent him to the hospital for treatment. What many DON’T know… is that his hair never grew back. Any picture or video that you’ve ever seen of Michael Jackson since the release of the “Bad” album in 1987… he was nearly bald and wearing a wig.

6- If you order soft drinks at your local fast food joint, you probably think that the lids are merely available to fit over the top of your drink to keep it from spilling. But there’s a second use for them. They were designed to double as a coaster to put your drink on. Try it out…it fits the bottom of your cup perfectly, and won’t tilt over.

7- The band trio, Hanson, has their own brand of beer! The name… ‘Mmm Hops’!

8- Kim Kardashian used to be Paris Hilton’s personal assistant.

9- In the 2000 movie, “Charlie’s Angels”, actress Drew Barrymore has a scene where she runs up to a house completely naked, surprising a pair of teenage boys who were playing video games at the time. That room, the entire house, in fact… is the exact same house where a much younger Drew Barrymore first filmed the movie “E.T.”! If you look closely at the scene, there is an “E.T.” movie poster on the wall behind the TV, and the boys have a bowl of Reese’s Pieces sitting between them on the floor.

10- Believe it or not, your brain… HEY! Are you listening to me? Your brain and the brains of those around you… What the? PAY ATTENTION!!! Your brain wanders off and daydreams about 30% of the time on a daily basis! Even if you think you’re really good at focusing… you really only go for about ten minutes before you start thinking about… ‘cheese’ or something, and have to get back on task! Hehehe!


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