For someone who was so hesitant in the beginning, so unbelievably nervous and emotionally repressed about wanting to fuck me… this guy certainly took a great deal of enjoyment out of penetrating me once I talked him into it.

Gus was a year older than I was. Seventeen, going on ‘porn star’. I had seen him around Hillside High before. He was pretty much a reject in this place. Quiet, withdrawn, socially awkward… hardly the kind of guy that was up for being Homecoming King at any point during the year. I mean… he was a nerd. It’s ok to be a nerd, but he was the creepy kind of nerd. Not the cool, acceptable, geeks with a comic book, Star Wars, video game, list of fetishes and obsessions. He was more like the ‘most likely to become a serial killer after graduation’ type. Just saying. You can’t spend that much time in a corner by yourself without having a few crazy ideas popping into your head about fucking corpses and bathing in the neighbor’s blood. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if I went to his house and found the bones of previously tortured animals under his bed. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

So… one might ask why I’m here in a dark classroom, bent over a desk, while this high school misfit vigorously shoves his meat up my excited hole right now. It’s because he’s kind of HOT! Hehehe, seriously! Other people may not notice it, but I did. He wasn’t well dressed, he didn’t work out, and he looked like his mom still cut his hair for him in the kitchen over a laid out pallet of old newspapers… but if it’s one thing that I know better than most… it’s a hot boy with a big dick. Gus was tall, and pretty solid in build. His glasses were thick, but only managed to magnify the brown, bedroom, eyes behind the lenses. Broad shoulders, full lips, long legs. I could just look at him from a distance and tell that he was a ‘mouthful’.

Gus didn’t disappoint, either.

As squirrely as he was in every other part of his personality… the moment I unfastened his pants to suck him off… I was blessed with the sight of a cock that was nearly eight full inches in length! And talk about a succulent girth! I think my heart actually skipped a few beats when I wrapped my hungry lips around his shaft! I couldn’t even get him all the way in. This was a score of epic proportions. Who knew the biggest dork in school was hiding an entire butcher shop window worth of healthy boy meat in his pants? Back off, girls! I found him first!

I could hear him grunting behind me, giving himself over to the warmth and sexual pleasure that my body could provide him. I was proud of my ass. Tight and smooth. The muscles, both inside and out, had been well trained through the flurry of sexual exploits that I’ve had in the past. I knew how to work it. How to hump, and grind, and rotate, and twist, and squeeze… to the point where the guy behind me had lost all self control and just surrendered to the intensity of the sexual act itself. I was soooo good at getting them off. The ones who were hoping to just screw me once and walk away… never succeeded in letting me go. They always came back for seconds. Thirds. Fourths. Some have even gotten themselves steady girlfriends, hoping to restore their masculinity and move forward with their boring heterosexual lives… writing their sensual connection to me off as some kind of ‘natural’ curiosity. A phase that they could conveniently forget about and pretend never happened. But they could bang their girlfriends a thousand times a week, trying to reclaim the euphoric high that my sexy ass, and my ass alone, could give them… and they never quite reach that same level of hardcore ecstasy. They always come back to me. They give me the same bashful smirk. The same deliberate eye contact. And I let them dangle and squirm for a while until they man up and ask me to meet them somewhere private so they can stick it in me again. Mmmmm… they miss the clutching walls and bubbled cheeks of this prime, queer boy ass! And once they get another taste of it… they’ll never get enough. I do much more than give them a place to empty a horny load of cum… I actually fuck with their emotions! I make them think about me when they’re with their socially acceptable mates. I eat away at their sense of ‘normal’, and force them to recognize me as something they WANT as a part of their daily lives! I am the boogeyman under the bed. I am the truth they try to hide in the closet. I cause chaos and ruin to everything that they thought they knew about themselves… and I inspire a craving within them that they didn’t even know existed until I left footprints on their falsely claimed territory of awareness. I, alone… am the re-evaluation of the world they once thought was so black and white. And I take pride in that. Because, at the end of the day, I’m the proof that hypocrisy and desire can’t coexist in the same place, at the same time. I am the reckoning that they fight so hard to ignore. That’s why they’re so scared of sex. Because it’s undeniable. It’s truth in its purest form.

They deserve to be scared.

I actually feel a few pinches of pain as Gus speeds up his thrusts into my constricted hole. I clench my teeth and slam my eyes shut as I allow him to completely use me. I don’t want to tell him to take it easy, for fear that he’ll slip back into that ‘other’ personality that thought a sexual act like this was so wrong a few minutes ago. I’ll just grin and bear it until he finishes. I want to get off too… and I’m nearly there.

Ugh! Fuck! He’s going to TOWN on my ass right now! I grip the desk with both hands as I feel him thrusting into me, almost angrily, as he races towards a selfish climax that will surely leave me mostly unsatisfied when he’s finished. “Uck! Urghhh! Mmmmm! Ack! Keep going! Yeah! So close! Oh baby! Yeah!” For a certified dork… this boy has got some SKILLS when it comes to the penis-work! I may have to keep an eye on him while we’re all trapped here under the same roof.

Gus doesn’t speak out loud. Even with me encouraging him to get into it more, he bites his bottom lip and just tries to bust a nut so he can start feeling guilty about how much he loved it. He fucks me hard, holding his breath to keep from expressing too much emotion. He doesn’t realize that I can already tell how much he’s loving my ass. He’s been dreaming of this moment for a long time now. It might be more fun if he’d just let go of the pretense and fuck me like he LOVES me! I’m not going to tell anybody. I won’t judge or shame him. I just want… OH FUCK!!! He’s getting a little wild back there! Nerdy boy has got some muscle behind those hot pelvic thrusts of his! God damn, baby! TAKE ME!!! I’m digging the pent up aggression right now! I’m gonna cum too!

“Fuck! Harder! HARDER!!!” I say in a strained whisper, bending slightly at the knees and pushing my ass out further in his direction. The curve in my lower back and increase the spongy impact of my round globes against his thighs… my snug little tunnel taking the full length of his massive cock and tightening around his shaft as he plugged away at my submissive position… touching spots within me that most high school boys can’t reach. I felt my eyes roll back, and my hands reach behind me to grip his ass and pull him in even closer as I pressed my face against the surface of the desk beneath me. Ohhhhh GOD, he was so deep! This is the intense fuck that I’ve been looking for! I need to keep Gus on my top five list! Because he is totally rocking my world right now!

I feel my orgasm building, my cheek sliding back and forth on the desk as I dig my heels into the floor and try to ride out the last few seconds before reaching a total crash. I love how much he’s losing control. I love owning him in this one shared moment. I think it was his helplessness against my seduction that really pushed me over the edge. I hadn’t even touched myself as my legs went weak and long, hot, streams of cum began to squirt against the desk… my balls tight… my heavy breathing reduced to a series of whines and whimpers as I emptied my seed without any care about the mess. Holy SHIT, that was a hot one!

My spasming hole caused Gus to feel an entirely new sensation around that ramming erection of his, and before long, he leaned over to wrap his arms around my slender waist as he pushed in as deep as could and flooded me with his heated juices. I could feel him biting the fabric of my shirt to keep from crying out loud, but his moans and animalistic growls nearly echoed off of the walls of the dark and empty room regardless. I could feel the throb of his shaft as it jerked and jumped from one of the most explosive orgasms of his life. Was I his first? I’m probably his first. No ‘practiced’ fucker cums that hard. When he let his weight rest on my back, I actually had to catch my breath and make sure that he hadn’t lost consciousness on top of me.

“You alright there, tiger?” I grinned.

Coming to his senses again, Gus quickly yanked his softening cock out of my ass, causing me to yelp from the sudden feeling of emptiness, and the ‘spill’ of his fluids as it leaked down to my inner thighs.

Sighhhh… the ‘guilt’ phase? Really? Fine. Whatever. I was hoping he’d see the light, but he’s apparently still got some demons left to deal with.

I pulled my underwear up, hoping that the material would catch some of his generous ‘offering’ until I got a chance to hit the school showers. Turning back to Gus, I couldn’t help but to snicker to myself. I’ve never seen somebody work so hard to pull his pants up and get dressed in record time.

Suddenly, Gus’ head snapped up to glare at me. “What’s so funny?”

“Hehehe, nothing. It’s nothing.” I smiled.

“Don’t laugh at me…” He mumbled, now looking down at the floor as he zipped up his pants and tried to shake off the obvious afterglow from a sexual experience that he won’t ever be able to take back. Never forget. Never deny. Imagine how fucking hot he’d be for me right now if he just let himself enjoy it. “I’m not gay…” He said. I rolled my eyes and just pulled my shirt back down, straightening my hair. “I MEAN it!” He said.

“Sure you aren’t.” I told him. And I simply made sure that I was fully dressed so I could leave him there to sulk, or… whatever.

“Don’t take that smug tone with me.” Gus told me, grabbing me by the arm. “I don’t know why I… why I did that… but I’m not a faggot! You hear me?”

With a wink, I said, “Save it for your local priest, babe. I really don’t care.” Then I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek before he could jerk away from me in time. I just giggled to myself and walked out of the empty classroom… leaving him in the dark. Alone with his thoughts. His confusion. Yeah… he liked it. And I’m going to make him beg for a second chance at this ass. If he wants some action, he’s going to have to drop this whole ‘faggot’ business and learn how to be more comfortable with himself.

Like I am.

My name is Sonny. I’m sixteen years old, but I pretty much knew who I was since I was about ten. The biggest mistake my mom could have made was putting me into the Cub Scouts. Talk about an awakening. Being around a group of cute boys, sleeping side by side in a tent, talking and laughing and getting so close to one another? There was no better way to move towards the revelation of my sexuality at a young age. I don’t regret a minute of it. I came out to my mom on my 12th birthday, and haven’t looked back since. Sure, she was shocked, and some tears were shed… but it’s not like that was going to change anything. I wanted boy dick! And LOTS of it! By the time I was thirteen, I had already figured out that the sexiest rewards go to the bold. I took some risks… some of which, I probably shouldn’t have. But my heart wouldn’t allow me to stay lonely. My body needed other boys to be happy. And I did all I could to seek them out. Even if it was just some boy who wanted to know what it felt like to have his dick sucked for the first time… I wanted to be that guy! You know? Like… ‘Here! Let ME show you!’ And as I got older, the sex thing got to be more complex in my understanding of it… but much easier for me to gain access to. Especially now. Being trapped in the walls of this high school has only made things better! Hehehe, let me take a moment to applaud the downfall of society over the past few weeks! It’s the best way for people to finally realize what really matters, and what really doesn’t.

Funny how you have to face a horrible DEATH at the hands of flesh eating zombies for that info to finally sink in.

Luckily, our school hadn’t really been bombarded with refugees yet. It was still empty enough for us high school savvy miscreants to find hidden little nooks and crannies in the building to do things like have a good screw in an upstairs classroom. My friends and I were staying after the final bell for our weekly ‘Gay/Straight’ alliance meeting when the outside world started going to shit. The whole thing seemed like some kind of a stupid prank or something at first. Like… who would fall for such a ridiculous joke of a news broadcast. ‘Stay inside’? ‘Zombie like creatures’? ‘Find shelter’? It was something right out of a horror movie. A bad horror movie at that. However… now that I think about it… that’s probably why the outbreak was so bad, and why it happened so quickly. Nobody believed it was real.

The military did all it could to stop the panic and chaos out in the streets, but it soon became evident that their only effective course of action was to grab as many survivors as humanly possible and evacuate the most overrun parts of the city to get them to safety. If for no other reason than to keep the enemy’s numbers from multiplying so rapidly. We were already outnumbered a thousand to one, and that number was getting more and more unbalanced by the hour. Maybe even by the minute.

So I’ve been locked up in this place for about eight days now. A part of me thinks it sucks. But it’s not like I felt like going home to my foster parents any time soon. Not that I wished death upon them or anything. I mean… I hope they’ve been carried off to safety somewhere too. Just… it’s a long story. Let’s just say that an extended vacation away from home is fine by me. Even if all of human civilization has to break down to make it happen. That’s all I’m saying.

“Sonny! What the fuck, man? Where have you been?” My friend, Cameron. He’s gay like me, but we’ve only fooled around a couple of times before we realized how pointless it was to pretend we were anything more than friends. He’s super cute, and the hook ups were great… but we work better as partners in crime than we do as anything even remotely considered ‘romantic’. Or even sexual, for that matter. It’s like sleeping with my twin brother. It’s just plain weird.

“You keeping tabs on me now, Cam?” I grinned as he walked with me into the cafeteria.

“I thought you had become one of those kids that just vanished into thin air around here lately. Where the hell did you run off to?”

“I had some business to take care of.” I gave Cam a wink, and he just shook his head.

“Are you serious? Again? Who’s life did you fuck up this time?”

Glancing around the room, I happened to see Gus sitting at one of the tables… pretending not to see me. It only made my smile even wider. “Who do you think?” I said, nodding my head in the right direction.

“Really? Nerd Boy??? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” He giggled. “I thought we both agreed that he was going to become a serial killer some day or something?”

“Say what you want, that boy is seriously packing a monster in his pants. I’m thinking about keeping him on my short list of potentials. He’s a juicy one, indeed.”

“You amaze me, you know that?”

“Not as much as I amazed him about ten minutes ago. That’s for sure,” I said. “Too bad he’s still got a chain and padlock on his personal closet door, though.”

“He says he’s straight?”

“He downright insists on it.” I replied.

“Well… is he?”

I wrinkled my forehead. “Psh! Fuck no! I know the difference between some bi-curious jock who wants to get his rocks off, and a boy who’s been having wet dreams about boys like me since he first hit puberty. If he came any harder in me I’d be able to skip my next three meals. He just needs more time to process what’s going on in his head. That’s all.”

Cameron grinned, “Big head? Or little head?”

“Big head. Definitely. The jury is already out on what the little head wants. Hehehe!”

Another close friend of mine surprised us by sneaking up from a different angle. “Little head? What are we talking about?” I had only met Dallas a few days ago. He’s just as much of a hostage here as the rest of us, but both of his parents were also rescued and brought here to stay close to him. I’ll admit… the first time that I approached him in the big gym… I did it because I thought he was super cute. Well, a LOT of boys here are super cute… but there was something about Dallas that went beyond his favorable genetics and wavy light brown hair. He just had an aura about him that… I don’t know… it touched me. There was nothing ‘naughty’ about my thoughts concerning him. He was just… a nice guy.

Wait, maybe I should explain…

I guess that people could say that I have this… rather ‘liberal’ perspective when it comes to sex with other boys. I figure, if they’re giving out some hard dick, I might as well take it. Otherwise they’re just going to give it to somebody else, right? I like sex. If I could have sex and do nothing else for the rest of my life, I’d be totally ok with that. I mean… at least it’s love, right? For those few, choice moments… there’s another person who’s focused on ME, and ME alone. They pay attention. They need me. Not everybody gets to experience that in their lives. Being loved. Being needed. Lord knows I didn’t know what it was like to be the center of somebody’s world until I had their hard boners throbbing in my mouth, sliding back and forth across the surface of my tongue. Oh yeah… NOW I’ve got your attention, don’t I?

But with Dallas? Things were different. As cute as he was, it almost made me feel like a pervert to think of him in a sexual way. I saw him naked in one of the school showers once, and I blushed so hard that he literally had to ask me if I was alright. I couldn’t even LOOK at him. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me, but something about Dallas and his sweetness and his big, dumb, innocent eyes just made him totally off limits in my mind. Which was a pain in the ass, because I really liked Dallas. I liked him a lot.

I consider him my only friend. I don’t have many friends. I have people that I’ve fucked in the past, and people I hope to fuck in the future. But Dallas is some weird anomaly in my usual pattern of behavior. And it bugs the shit out of me that I can’t understand why.

Cameron snickered at Dallas’ question, and said, “Our in house Casanova has been at it again. That’s what we’re talking about.”

“ANOTHER ONE???” Dallas exclaimed, his eyes wide. “Dude… how many guys has it been since you’ve been on lockdown?”

I thought about it for a second, and then covered my eyes as I chuckled to myself. “Ummm… I think this makes number six, actually.”


Cameron laughed. “Look at you. You are such a shameless slut. You know that, right?”

“Hahaha! WHAT? A zombie apocalypse brings out the ‘horny’ in people.” I said. “It’s bad for humanity, but GREAT for my sex life. You need to get in on this before I start snatching up some of these cutie pie soldiers too.”

I saw Gus accidentally peek over at me, still ashamed of what he had done. He’s probably put himself through all sorts of needless torture, thinking that he’s sick and demented. WEAK for allowing himself to be human for a few moments of bliss. From the distressed look on his face, I’m pretty sure that he’s convinced himself that he’s going straight to hell.

So I made him feel even worse by smiling at him across the room, and seductively licking my lips. I hope it reminds him of how awesome it felt to have my moist lips sliding up and down his shaft, my fingers caressing his tender sack as the longer strands of my dyed black hair tickled his thighs. Dream about me, sweetheart. You know you want to.

“Don’t tease him, Sonny. Geez, have a heart.” Cameron said with a gentle shove.

“He’ll get over it. I’m not going to tell anybody about what happened.”

“Except for me.” Cam said.

“And me.” Dallas smirked.

“You two don’t count. Nobody else, is what I meant.”

“You’d better watch yourself around this sex-hungry boy whore, Dallas. You never know when he’s going to add you to his list of apocalyptic conquests.” Cameron said.

“Oh please.” I grinned, rather bashfully. “Besides, Dallas is what we would call ‘terminally hetero’. We’d both be wasting our time.”

“This is true.” Dallas grinned. Did I imagine it… or did the subtle tilt of his smile during that statement sting a little bit inside?

“Such a flaw in you, cutie.” Cameron said. “I suppose you’re still useful though.”


“Yeah. We need boys like you to breed more cute boys like us.” Cam told him. I laughed.

“There ya go, Dallas. See? You straight boys serve a purpose after all… as unnatural as it may be.” I spoke the words… but I still felt as though someone had poked a giant hole in my kite the second he admitted to me ‘wasting my time’ on him. And now I was just twisting in the wind, wondering why I was trying to stay afloat at all. It was stupid. So fucking stupid.

“Are you gonna grab some of the slop they’re serving up there tonight or not?” Cameron asked me.

“Nah. I don’t think so. At least not right now.” Did I sound like I was pouting? I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.

“You sure? I’d think all that hot ramrod action would have you starving for a little taste of something. Hehehe!”

“I know, right?” I smiled, somehow wishing that it would make Dallas jealous. I know that’s a total flaw in my logic, but the human heart doesn’t make much sense out of anything rational. “Honestly, I think I’m just gonna go for a walk or something. Just…wander the halls of this place for a while and pretend that I still have somewhere to go. If for no other reason than to kill time until this whole zombie prank thing is over with and they let us go.”

I stood up from the table, and to my surprise, Dallas stood up too. “I’ll walk with you. I need to clear my head too. This whole situation is too crazy for me to be thinking about it all the time like this.” His brown eyes stared into mine for a moment, and he said, “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No… I don’t mind at all.”

Cameron said, “Well, pardon me while I go stuff my face then. Food portions are gonna get a hell of a lot smaller if they keep bringing in new people the way they have been over the last few days.”

“Maybe they’ll vanish into thin air, like you said, Cam.” I said.

“I doubt we’ll be that lucky.”

Cameron went to go stand in the cafeteria line, and Dallas and I started walking towards the hallway. He could be so cute sometimes. Without even trying. I mean… it was hard to look at him sometimes. So I looked down at his feet instead, hoping to hide my infatuation from his piercing gaze.

“Hehehe, where’d you get those?” I asked.

“Get what?”

“Those shoes! Those are actually pretty dope, dude.”

“These? Hehehe, yeah. When they asked me to get on one of the refugee trucks, this was one of the first things I grabbed from my house. They’re my lucky shoes.” He said, cheerfully.

That was so adorable to me. “You have a pair of ‘lucky shoes’?”

“Doesn’t everybody?” he joked.

“They are really… um… red.” I giggled. “But I like ’em. They fit you.” I said, instantly feeling the need to hide my face. It was hardly a compliment worthy of being embarrassed about. “Maybe they’ll bring you enough good luck to get you out of here.”

“Here’s hoping, right?” he said. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed, Sonny.”

Me too, Dallas. Sighhhh… me too.


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