Over the years, there has been a true sense of love and unquestionable loyalty from the fans when it came to the “Billy Chase” series! The personal ‘diary’ format was something new and different for me, as well as a challenge to most readers in the beginning. It was an audience that didn’t really want to read a story that was told in that style at the time, so they avoided it like the plague despite its long run and many dedicated chapters over the years, updated on an almost weekly basis as the site’s personal ‘soap opera’. But as more and more people discovered the storyline and fell in love with the characters, it finally gained the popularity that I had been hoping for, but could NEVER predict ahead of time! And that fanbase grew even bigger when it came to the re-edited ebooks on Amazon.com! It found a whole new life there as the refurbished chapters brought the “Billy Chase” character and all of his friends into the mainstream! It surprised me most of all! And with TurtleBoy providing the amazing artwork for all eight (Soon to be NINE) books…selling copies of one of the site’s most popular franchises was a piece of cake! The ”Billy Chase” series has been one of the most profitable parts of being on Kindle from the very beginning! And I look forward to doing more business with fans of the series in the future!

But…how can we take things a step further with this idea? That’s the real question! And someone that I’ve grown to love, inside and out, Zuln…has become the answer to that question.

Coming from the other side of the globe, she has latched on to the “Billy Chase” story in a BIG way, and has taken it upon herself to create an amazing animated likeness of our favorite ‘drama prince’, and made it her own! No, you’re not reading that wrong! We may actually have a fully animated collection of “Billy Chase” stories in 2017!!! It is already in the works, and if you’re a fan of the story and the ebooks, you’ll be happy to know that Zuln is just as much of a diehard fan as you are!

Zuln said, “What inspired me to do animation the first time is the ability to see your imagination come to life, not just as a still image like in the drawings I did or the comics that I used to draw, the feeling is just so wonderful!” Also adding, “I thought it would be nice to bring your baby to life! He’s a gem that you created and needs to breathe so it can reach others too. Not a lot of people will read your stories, but if it’s animated, they’ll stop for a watch, and I’ll do my best to make the animation high quality.” So, with this project, you can be sure that it is coming from someone who is just as passionate about animating the series as I was writing it originally. I couldn’t be more excited to see what she comes up with next, as everything she’s shown me so far has been beyond incredible! Hehehe! Describing the process and the effort she’s put into it so far, she says, “To be honest it would take most of the time in drawing every single part of him, I already did that, TWICE! It has to be perfect for it to work. I don’t want it to be shitty like most animations created these days…” And I understand that, completely! I get it. I think this will be an experience that we can all get a thrill out of once it’s closer to being finished and we can see more!

Zuln says, “2017, I will dedicate my time to this project and I hope it will be able to spread your works around!” I’m looking forward to it, Z! And I hope the rest of you guys will stay tuned for future developments! Because I want to be super involved in bringing “Billy Chase” to you all in a new and exciting way! BIG thanks to Zuln for making this possible! And let’s see what happens from here on out!

This new year is going to bring an unprecedented amount of surprises for everybody reading! The next level is here! Be ready for it!


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