Okay, let’s just get this one out of the way, because you cant have a list of movies about friendship without the classic “Stand By Me”. https://youtu.be/HkFudCvaxtk And how can you forget the bond between Elliot and E.T.? 😮 https://youtu.be/qYAETtIIClk Stepping out of our comfort zone here, “Now and Then” is exactly friendship is made of. https://youtu.be/XeoqxB7NCk8 And what good would a hunt for buried treasure be without a bunch of wonderful friends? https://youtu.be/hJ2j4oWdQtU When I’m old and grey, I really hope I’m blessed with a friendship like that between Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List”. https://youtu.be/UvdTpywTmQg Okay, there’s just a quick skim of the surface. What movies have you watched that scream friendship to you?

This month’s release is dedicated to the importance of friendship, and both @mike and Johnny from The Shack Forum have found us some great songs on that very subject! From Mike: https://youtu.be/tN_HVup9oOg   https://youtu.be/nCrlyX6XbTU   https://youtu.be/6iWrIfEgFlQ   https://youtu.be/W-apaIOOoAo   From Johnny: https://youtu.be/xEkIou3WFnM https://youtu.be/4G-YQA_bsOU https://youtu.be/SkyqRP8S93Y https://youtu.be/HmL3m2zcoOI https://youtu.be/xEkIou3WFnM

JOIN US!!! >:O Have you been meaning to start writing more? Do you need a little more encouragement, maybe a little more motivation? Well, dagnabbit, so have I, them, and us! Join us at the brand new section of the Imagine website called the Writers Club, where we’ll be talking tools and dropping writing prompts and challenges and having a gay old time just trying to get each other to pick up the perverbial pen (see what I did there?) The primary goal is obvious – get us writing, then maintain momentum. Participation in the group isn’t mandatory. You can sign up and pop in whenever you feel like it. Writing prompts are going to start off at one per day, and writing challenges will be posted on Saturday of each week to begin with.   To join the group, simply register for an account here at Imagine, and visit this page: https://imagine-magazine.org/groups/writing-club/ Hope to see you there!

February 20   Oh lord was I nervous today! The first day back at classes always makes me feel uptight! Who are my new teachers? Where are my new classrooms? Will the subjects be too hard for me? Will I see Joe in one of them…~sigh~? That would be a nightmare…I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t had to share a class with him at all. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, but I’d prefer later. So, I rode in on my bike like normal and found that the rack I usually used last semester was still open. That was good. I wouldn’t forget where I parked. LOL! Then I saw him. Oh!…oh my… He being my little blonde angel from the mall! Oh lord! He is scrumptious when he walks. I had to avert my eyes so that I wouldn’t get too turned on. That would be great…walk into my first class with a full blown erection for everyone to stare at. Swell. He had this red striped shirtContinue reading »

Seed: Part 2 Prolog   Rita Allen clicks away at the computer in disbelief before she gasps, “No! T-This can’t be!” Using the hacking device she bought, she finally got access to the information on Rick Hayes’ flash drive in the form of a photo album called ‘Objective 1’. It had a picture of Chad as the cover photo, which piqued her curiosity even more. However when she double-clicks on the album, an unnerving picture of Rick’s head pops up on the computer screen that laughs evilly. His jaws open disproportionately. A blast of fire comes out that startles the school reporter before the screen simply goes black. “It was booby-trapped with a virus! I should’ve expected that from someone as twisted as Rick was!” She yanks the hacking device, with Rick’s flash drive in it, out of the USB port of the computer before she taps away desperately on her computer to get the screen back on. She had her stories and a plethora of important information for the schoolContinue reading »

Seed: Part 1 Prolog   It’s a crisp autumn weekend and the pep rally is underway for the semi-final game that marks the end of the first half of football season this year. Chad shows up at the football field and makes his way up to the bleachers through a moving crowd of other students finding their seats. He spots Vitani and Josh sitting in one row and heads over to sit next to them. He slides over and greets them. “Hey guys,” Chad says, “All of the kids in my class say SyndAcad pep rallies are ones to remember.” “Hey squirt!” Josh greets him, “And you heard right. I guess this is gonna be your first time at ours.” “I’m so glad you decided to come on out today, Chad,” Vitani smiles, “We were all just about to watch the Milano sisters and the rest of the cheerleading squad ruin the pep rally. It happens almost every year. Trust me, you won’t wanna miss it.” “C’mon, Vitani, I’m sureContinue reading »

Ah, yes! With spring around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the inevitable spring chickens bouncing around in the basement, just waiting to be let out for some fresh air. During this dreaded time of year, I must busy myself with other means of entertainment, which is why I turned my focus toward the impossible to capture… Comicality! That’s right, folks. I made it my mission to bed THE Comicality, and what better way to get someone’s attention than to write them a song? You know, a lot of people don’t know this about me, but I have a wonderful voice. It’s comparable to a young Greyson Chance, with a dash of Freddie Mercury. With a song like this, there’s no way Comicality will be able to resist me… no way he’ll ever be able to say no… and, well, once he’s in my basement, it doesn’t really matter anyway, right? So without any further ado, I’d like to introduce you to an almost original piece, written byContinue reading »