JOIN US!!! >:O

Have you been meaning to start writing more? Do you need a little more encouragement, maybe a little more motivation? Well, dagnabbit, so have I, them, and us!

Join us at the brand new section of the Imagine website called the Writers Club, where we’ll be talking tools and dropping writing prompts and challenges and having a gay old time just trying to get each other to pick up the perverbial pen (see what I did there?)

The primary goal is obvious – get us writing, then maintain momentum. Participation in the group isn’t mandatory. You can sign up and pop in whenever you feel like it. Writing prompts are going to start off at one per day, and writing challenges will be posted on Saturday of each week to begin with.


To join the group, simply register for an account here at Imagine, and visit this page:

Hope to see you there!

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