So….we’re all here, reading this right? At SOME point in our younger days we decided that we were gay! Right? Not a choice…but at some point we realized that, “Hey! I think I kinda like boys more than girls!” (Or vice versa, for our lesbian audience) There’s always that ONE boy that awakens us to our sexuality! Who was it for you! You can just say a first name. But what boy caught your eye when you were younger and forced the idea of being GAY in you mind? I’m curious! This is a question for the next issue of Imagine Magazine! So, if you’re a bit worried about having your true feelings displayed for whatever reason, I can respect that. But for those who don’t mind having a place to share your memories with the rest of us…PLEASE feel free! K? You’re an innocent kid…who made you gay? Hehehe! For me, it was this boy named Gabe! I was just…wow…I wanted him so BAD! He was the first boyContinue reading »

February 27 My gym class is interesting to say the least. Joe and I have come to some kind of non-verbal agreement. He looks at my ass if I’m not looking and I look at his when he’s not looking and yet we both know we are looking. Yeah, that’s probably the most screwed up paragraph ever written by man. Except, it seems to keep the peace between us. We exchange ‘Sups’ and a nod, very macho style and then shower across from one another. I catch glimpses of his junk from time to time, and I’m sure he does the same with me. There’s something comforting about that. We are both so vulnerable that we both just let it be. Gym etiquette for guys is kind of, what’s the new word that bitch taught us in English today? Oh yeah, ‘nuanced’. That’s it. That is ‘nuanced’ as all heck! In keeping with said etiquette, I generally keep my head down and on my own ‘business’ so as not toContinue reading »

I steered the car left to enter through the cemetery gates. My head was filled with distant memories, mixed emotions, and deep regrets. Many years had passed since the last time I’d driven up this long, narrow road. A road surrounded on either side by the gravestones of ones who’ve passed on from this world. Many of them long gone and forgotten, evident by the weathered and unkempt gravestones. Others, more modern, lighter in contrast and surrounded by flowers. Not uncommon for this time of the year. Christmas often reminded us of the loved ones we’ve lost. And that’s what had brought me here this evening. “Are you sure you’ll be OK, hon? I know this trip has been weighing so heavily on you over the last few days.” I nodded my head, still not lifting my gaze up from the steering wheel. “You don’t have to do this alone you know? Sam and I will be right here any time you need us.” After letting out another long sigh,Continue reading »

In some of my reviews I’ve mentioned how LGBTI young adult books are getting more diverse in the stories they tell. “One Man Guy” isn’t one of them. It’s a “boy meets boy” book, and “realising you might be gay” book, with a healthy dose of that young adult staple “forging your own identity separate from your family for the first time”. But just because it’s straight-forward and familiar doesn’t make it any less charming. The story’s “hook” is that the protagonist, 14 year old Alek Khederian is an Armenian-American living in the suburbs of New Jersey. He is saddled with high-expectation parents who have sentenced him to summer school for falling off the honours track in his first year of high school. And to top it off, he has a perfect older brother who is always showing off how committed to Armenian culture he is. It’s through summer school that Alek meets Ethan, the cute skater boy legendary for starting a food fight. Ethan is the classic older, cooler,Continue reading »

The Cove Listen to The Seashell soundtrack while you read: My name is Alexis the son of Aristedies, my father, and Zephyra, my mother. We are visiting Chania on the Island of Crete, my family’s ancient home. We are visiting our ancient land from America where we moved when I was very young. I am mostly American although I can speak Greek very well and know the ways of Crete. My family here likes to tease me about my American accent in Greek. They tell me it has a ‘twang’. I laugh with them, though I do not really get the joke very well. I so very much love my family. They are everything to me, or, at least they were everything….until this day. I am only 18 years old, but I discovered something today which has made me older than anyone I know. Even my great-grandfather Odysseus named after the great hero of the Odyssey. He is 103 years of age. Today I went out to the sea side.Continue reading »

1- If you look at the cap on your pen, you will notice a hole or some form of ventilation in the top of it. This is a safety measure that was put in the pen cap’s design for people that absentmindedly chew on their pens. If swallowed…the victim will be able to get at least some oxygen through the pen cap, until proper medical attention can be received. 2- While many people think that the DC Comics character, ‘Shazam’, has that as a name…it is actually an anagram. It stands for Solomon, Hercules, Aries, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury! 3- If you have pots and pans in your kitchen, you’ll notice that most, if not all, of them have a hole in the handle. This is not just for hanging them up on a rack or on the wall. The hole is meant to be used to hold your spoon or cooking utensil upright, with the ‘used’ end dangling over the pot. 4- Nearly 50% of Asian men and womenContinue reading »