1- If you look at the cap on your pen, you will notice a hole or some form of ventilation in the top of it. This is a safety measure that was put in the pen cap’s design for people that absentmindedly chew on their pens. If swallowed…the victim will be able to get at least some oxygen through the pen cap, until proper medical attention can be received.

2- While many people think that the DC Comics character, ‘Shazam’, has that as a name…it is actually an anagram. It stands for Solomon, Hercules, Aries, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury!

3- If you have pots and pans in your kitchen, you’ll notice that most, if not all, of them have a hole in the handle. This is not just for hanging them up on a rack or on the wall. The hole is meant to be used to hold your spoon or cooking utensil upright, with the ‘used’ end dangling over the pot.

4- Nearly 50% of Asian men and women have trouble metabolizing alcohol. Genetically, they are missing a special liver enzyme that deals with the consumption, causing red face, swelling, and in some instances alcohol poisoning.

5- In the Stephen King movie, “Christine”, there seems to be an awful lot of cursing in the film’s dialogue. It was added on purpose. Director, John Carpenter, deliberately shied away from putting too much gore in the movie after backlash over his previous film, “The Thing”. However, when the movie passed by with a PG rating, the idea of marketing a horror movie that wasn’t a hard ‘R’ was frowned upon. So…let the ‘f-bombs’ fly!

6- The first toy ever advertised on TV…was Mr. Potato Head!

7- In the early 2000’s, the “X-Men” comic books introduced a character by the name of ‘Forget Me Not’! His mutant power was to go unnoticed and be forgotten by everyone around him. When asked who he was and where he came from, he told them, “I’ve been with the X-Men since the very beginning! You just didn’t remember that I was there!” Hehehe, brilliant!

8- At the end of the movie, “Home Alone”, you can clearly see that it is snowing outside on Christmas Day. Except…it wasn’t snow! It was actually potato flakes! Yes…I said potato flakes! Yeesh!

9- “The Walking Dead” star, Chandler Riggs, tried out for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the new MCU franchise!

10- If you took the meat consumption of all the spiders on planet Earth, it would add up to anywhere before 400 million and 800 millions TONS of meat every year! The combined mass of every human being on the planet adds up to approximately 350 million tons of meat! Meaning, if they got a taste for human flesh…they could devour ALL of humanity, two or three times over! Pleasant dreams!

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