So….we’re all here, reading this right? At SOME point in our younger days we decided that we were gay! Right? Not a choice…but at some point we realized that, “Hey! I think I kinda like boys more than girls!” (Or vice versa, for our lesbian audience) There’s always that ONE boy that awakens us to our sexuality! Who was it for you!

You can just say a first name. But what boy caught your eye when you were younger and forced the idea of being GAY in you mind? I’m curious!

This is a question for the next issue of Imagine Magazine! So, if you’re a bit worried about having your true feelings displayed for whatever reason, I can respect that. But for those who don’t mind having a place to share your memories with the rest of us…PLEASE feel free! K?

You’re an innocent kid…who made you gay? Hehehe! For me, it was this boy named Gabe! I was just…wow…I wanted him so BAD! He was the first boy that really drove me crazy in a sexual way! (Actually, it was my locker partner, Brice, when I was 11 years old! But I kind of wrote it off as me REALLY wanting to be his friend! I hadn’t matured to wanting sex just yet! Hehehe!)

Who was it for you? What boy crossed your path that made you think, “Holy shit…I WANT him so bad!!!” for the first time?

Comment below! I wanna hear your stories! And celebrities don’t count! I’m talking real life boys that you knew in real life! K? Reminice with us for a little bit! We’d love to know!

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There was this kid named Peter in junior high in seventh grade. He had a twin brother named John but they were the kinda twins that don’t look alike. Anyways!!.. Omfg Peter was soooo cute. I used to follow him around like puppy dog. HA! I knew then for sure. All’s I wanted to do was touch him and kiss him Soooo bad ! So Yup..Peter in seventh grade. That’s who and when. I still think bout him.


It was my sister’s boyfriend.

So I was about 11, in 6th grade. I had this friend named Esau who would invite me over to his house (which was only a block away) and we would play Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe and watch Youtube videos and just hang out. Little did I know he only became my friend to get to my big sister. I was his in. Anyways but before he made his moves, we would have a good time together. BUT every time i would go over there he would roam his house in nothing but boxers. I’d always admire his body, but i usually only compared it to mine. So back then i discovered masturbation. At the time I would think of Esau’s older sister, but then one day he popped up into my head. Then afterwards he was the only one I would think about. After he started dating my sister, I stopped and I moved onto other guys ive seen semi-nude. But the main guy id jerk off to was Zac Efron because my sister had a mini poster of him wearing a basketball jersey from his Disney days.

I will confess something else too… Esau was the first guy i ever gave a blowjob to.


Got the email announcing this thread yesterday, and didn’t intend to reply but it got me thinking about the topic and how many weird, fond memories it brings up for me. I started acting out sexually at an inappropriately young age with older teens and enjoyed the attention and the feeling of being liked and wanted. It wasn’t so much sexual as it was an extreme need for that kind of attention from a particular person. For me that one person that I realized I couldn’t get out of my mind was a kid named Shawn in the fourth grade. I started playing after school baseball (That I didn’t even enjoy at first) just to spend more time with him. We hung at his house when we could and because he had made one comment about someone being “kinda gay”, I never told him that I was more than “kinda gay”. It all remained very innocent until the first time I slept over his house (a couple of years later when we were about 11 or 12, we both had pretty messed up households so, it rarely happened) and learned that he had a little stash of porn mags. I couldn’t have cared less about the naked women in the pictures but, as I had learned years earlier with the older boys; just hint that you want to “just look” and it more often than not leads to a little fun with a straight friend when the images begin to have their affect. It killed me to have to pretend to be uninterested in him but, the memories of that one sleepover are still burned into my memory some 30 years later. Wonder where he is today…

Cool topic Comet



Oh dear Lord…

Ok, so the first boy that I actually thought as cute was this boy in 5th grade, but it was just that, I thought of him as cute.

NOW, the one that turned me head over heels (and pretty much made me wanna do “bad” stuff to him hehe) was this boy named Juan Pablo. He was such a hottie! He was a year younger than me, I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th, and I swear to god, he was the sexiest boy in school. He had medium length blonde hair, brown eyes, and a really nice butt hehehe like REALLY nice. I was never his friend, and I only talked to him once for like 5 secs, but my god, I was so ‘in love’.

So, yeah, he was the one that made me accept I was gay, and I was infatuated with him for almost 3 years hehe. Now I don’t feel a thing for him, but still every time I open facebook and there’s a pic of him I still wanna do stuff to him hehe. He’s that good looking. In fact, he’s kinda famous here, he’s a bullfighter (which here is a big deal).

Adam 123

I would have to say that for me it was in 8th grade. One day on my way to class i happened to notice him out of the corner of my eye. I was so mesmerized by him. I felt like I just had to know who he was. Everyday on my way to class i would steal glances at him and i would ask my friends if they knew who he was. His name was Nick V. I joined robotics club just because he was in it. We had become very close friends. Sadly he moved to Dallas to live with his mom before i could confess my feeling to him. That has always been a big regret for me.


Well, me and my friend Jon were playing in my big back yard. I was about 11 and he was about 12. I’d only had my first orgasm a couple of months before so I was fascinated by the whole thing, naturally.

So, I’ve always been what I am, so when he suggested we play Han Solo and Princess Leia together I naturally took Leia’s part. We played ‘house’ for a while and then it came time to go to ‘bed’. ‘Bed’ was a little spread we had over some leaves in under our chinese elms. Beautiful trees by the way . . .

Anyways, so we proceeded to do husband and wife things with him on top (fully clothed). Well, of course, when things started to get effing HAWT that’s when my frigging psychic mother called me in. She didn’t like that things had gone so ‘quiet’ outside.

And . . . such was the summer of 1982.


So yeah…Gabe was my first crush….

I never got together with him. But, he was he boy that REALLY turned my world upside down for the first time! Hehehehe! It was the 6th grade, and he had short, brown, hair. Dimples. ::giggles:: And he was sooooo funny! Like the kind of kid that keep a straight face, even when he was being hilarious! We didn’t really hang out much, but while we were in school, I loved him so much that I noticed how NERVOUS he made me, just being around him! I wanted to see him naked! I wanted to…ummm…well, let’s not get into the whole sucking/fucking wet dream territory! LOL! But Gabe was my first ‘awakening’ in understanding that boys were AWESOME!

Saw him at our 10 year reunion….still get goosebumps over him! LOL! And Jason, who was my first boyfriend when I was 13! That’s a whole other story! 😛 But yeah…thanks, Gabe! I never got to have sex with him, but he was my initiation into loving hottie boys! Hehehe! Sighhhhh…..I owe you ya one!


A boy named “Arnaud”, in what is for Americans the 6th grade.

We were in the same class. Blond, beautiful blue eyes, cute shy smile, blushed easily. Hehehe Definitely cute. And a genuine nice guy to boot! I got to see him naked in the showers during ski camp week (or at least to get a glimpse). Hehehe But nothing more. Thinking about him is making me nostalgic. Hehehe Wonder what’s he doing now…

To tell you the truth, I already liked boys before. Boys AND girls. But I never seriously crushed on any boy before Arnaud. I don’t even remember when exactly I realized I liked boys. Nor when I realized what it meant exactly. It probably was two separate occurrences though. I remember being flustered by a boy when I was 8 though. But I don’t even remember the name of the boy, and it was just momentarily.



I don’t remember his name, but I was around 8 and I was with my brother at his friends house swimming and he lived next to my brothers friend…he came over there and geeez…he was soooo cute and had braces…I had dreams about him all the time…lol…I knew I Liked boys then rather than girls.


I was about 11, and it was this boy called Scott, although I just wanted to be his friend, I didn’t fully realize at the time I was in love with him. Then, when I was about 13 there was a boy called Alex, that I used to watch undress out of the corner of my eye, when he was in the locker room during P.E. lessons, I think that was when I fully realized that I was gay.


Okay here’s mine….

My very first crush was probably Elliot in E.T and David in Flight Of The Navigator, back when I was eight or so.

I’ve always enjoyed a good movie, but never more so than back when I was a kid. I’d spend a lot of free time in my bedroom watching movies and the two I watched the most were the two mentioned above. It was about that time I started developing feelings for other boys.

Looking back neither actor (Henry Thomas & Joey Cramer), were super attractive. But I don’t think it was really their looks that attracted me to them – it wasn’t so much as “woah, he’s really cute! It was more about having these ‘funny feelings’ for them and wanting to be around them all the time. I remember these feelings confusing me. But it never bothered me, either.

So anyway, for whatever reason I developed these feelings for them I hadn’t felt for anyone else before. With perhaps the exception of a boy I met at a family wedding after-party. He was a distant relative on my stepdad’s side. We were about five at the time. And I liked being around him in ways I’d never felt about another person before. And when he’d been put in his parents car, to sleep (him being only five and it being late evening) I remember missing him and wanting him to wake up.

I mean it might have just been a feeling of friendship. But then I’m not sure why I’d still be thinking about it thirty years later, if that’s all it was.

I also remember the first time another boy drove me crazy, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
This was a little later, I think I’d just started high school so we were both about 11 at the time. He was a blondie, and there was some kind of summer school activity going on (meaning it was at the high school, but it was in the summer holiday period). And I kid you not, he was wearing these rather tight, pink bicycle shorts with a white t shirt. You could basically see everything! Haha. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his butt, and I was worried that I was going to out myself to everyone. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He was athletic too, so he was great to look at. Tight, toned, not an ounce of fat, etc.

What’s weird is that seeing him every other day in school you wouldn’t have known what he was hiding underneath his uniform. We never really knew each other well. Didn’t have the same classes or the form room, but I saw him regularly and yeah, after that it changed the way I saw him, and other boys too. Like it woke me up to thinking about guys physically and sexually.

As a side note, Joey Cramer’s in prison now for attempted bank robbery. It makes me sad in a way. He seemed like such a sweet kid. I wonder what must have gone wrong in his life to get so far off track.


Good question, hahahah, I haven’t really thought a ton about this to be honest. I don’t know if it was a singular person, it was more of a general realization that “hey I like boys more than girls.”

That being said, my first actual crush was on a kid named Statton who was in my 7th Grade gym class. For a 12/13 year old boy, he was hot lol. I remember choosing my locker next to his on the first day of class so I’d be closer. And on the days when he wore his compression shorts, I was a happy boy.


Yup it’s definitely my best friend Allen that boy was too cute for his own good.



I’d messed about with boys as most do since I was about 6-7 but it was just really feeling up and kissing usually started off with the ‘You show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ stuff or sleepovers. David was my bro’s friend about 18 months older than me and he used to come around the house a lot I was about 11 then. He was the one who made me realise I was more gay than I thought lolz.

One night I was at the fair with him and he asked me if I wanted to skip school the next day and seeing I had the hots for him I said yes. So the next day I make out I’m going to school but went to his house instead. We sat in the lounge talking and watching TV and after about an hour he went upstairs. I continued watching TV and after about 10 mins he came back down and crashed on the sofa. I looked around to say something and he was sat there wearing just a white tshirt and white underpants with a boner sticking out of them. I looked away quick but then turned to him again. He looked so gorgeous and I boned up real fast. It was obvious what he wanted so I put my hand on his thigh and moved up slowly. I asked the usual ‘Our secret?’ and he was like ‘Yes.’ So I went for the boner and moved my body in closer, we kissed quite a bit then he said we should go upstairs to his bedroom and get naked. I was glad about that I was worried about him cumming and it going all over his white pants. So we went upstairs got naked and had a great time, didn’t go all the way the nearest was his dick between my thighs pumping away. We hooked up several times after that he was the one who took my virginity but then I think my real experience with that was a 15yo boy when I was 13. David didn’t last long haha. It did ease off though because we both liked girls and he was keen on a certain girl who lived a few streets away. I asked him onetime if he ever did anything with my bro and he was like just a couple mutual blowjobs. 🙂

Wtv he lives in South Africa now and is married. Sean my bro speaks to him on the phone now and then and he will always say ‘Dave sends his love.’ Memories. 🙂


Complete confirmation didn’t happen for me until grade 9.

I knew beforehand​ I found boys attractive, but Adrian was the first boy that I went head over heels for. Every time I saw him, I’d have to be sitting down. For two whole years, I practically stalked him. My mind says it’s got a crystal clear picture of him, but I want confirmation that I’m remembering him right. This is why you get year books, people! :'(

I wish so badly smartphones had happened by then, because I really want a picture of him 🙁 Just one.


Ahh memories…

mine was my best friend Neil, we had been friends since we were about 7 and from about 10 we were inseparable pretty much living at each others houses he was really cute tall and slim and really kind, so when everything else about my life seemed determined to beat me down he was always there to pick me up and make me smile. in those early years he never talked about sex in any way and I was always too shy to bring it into the conversation but from about 10 I couldn’t get him out of my mind and when we stayed over at each others houses it was like erotic torture as we had always shared a bed but I was too afraid to try anything in case it ruined our friendship, then one night I think we were 13 and had been to a school disco and were staying at his house we went to bed (his younger brother slept in the same room) I woke up after a while and realized that I was naked and that Neil was astride me and was kissing me and just about hoovering up my tonsils and at that point I was in heaven 🙂 we had a lot of fun for a year or so until I realized just what a selfish lover he was, it was always about getting him off and I was an afterthought. but hey it was great for while.


Didn’t know what was going on, but i had this thing, when i was about 12, for Brandon Cruz when he was on TV show “Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. One of my sisters had to tell me i was gay when i was about 18 or 19 🙂



Rupert (Full Name Omitted), was a blondish curly haired lad at my boarding school. (many moons ago). Sadly the years were not so kind to him looks wise.. from what i understand he went bald at an early age!


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Thanks soooo much to ALL of you who took out some time to be a part of the magazine! We all truly appreciate your input! I had so much FUN reading these! Hehehe! And if you didn’t get a chance to answer before, feel free to tell your own stories in the reply section below! K? We’d love to read those too!

Take care! And look for the next Imagine Magazine question soon!!!

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