This is a question that I’m putting out there for all of you guys to think about and answer whenever you get a chance! Now, I am going to be working super HARD on getting new material for Imagine Magazine in the next month or two, and hopefully we can build a dedicated staff that will offer up new material on a monthly basis. (Yep! I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and make this a monthly online magazine as it was intended…even if I have to do it all by myself!) But, at the same time, you guys are super important to me and to everybody reading. So, if you have a second, share your thoughts on this! 🙂 You can do so anonymously if you want to. That’s ok too. But I’ll be collecting these answers (Unless you, specifically, tell me NOT to include you, for whatever reason. I’ll understand) and adding them to one of the future issues of the magazine. Cool?

We all learn from one another. We all have personal stories to tell. This is your chance to talk about YOU! You’re the expert! So let us know what you think? K?

More questions to come as future ideas get the momentum going again.

Have any of you guys ever fallen for your best friend? It doesn’t matter how young you were or if it went anywhere or not. For many of us, we find someone that we have a LOT in common with, we laugh with, we share our secrets with…and sometimes (not always, but SOMETIMES), we begin to develop feelings for the cuties that are closest to us. Why wouldn’t we? Right?

Tell us what happened? Have you ever been head over heels for a close friend of yours? When did it happen? Did you ever ‘go for it’? What happened then? Was it in real life or online? Did you feel bad about it? Good about it?

Whatever your story is…put it in the reply below! We can all relate to having a huge crush on that guy/girl that we felt so connected to when they were standing by our side. Share your feelings on this, folks!

This whole website is actually here because I was MADLY in love with my best friend, Mike, at the time! So I feel your pain, believe me! Hehehe!

What’s your story? Let us know!

– ″I got to fool around with them both, even though they both, now and at the time, claimed to be straight. The second boy was definitely straight. The first one might have been slightly bisexual, but at the time, it was much less common to be out than it is today. This was twenty years ago in the mid 90s. But even though we did what we did, he still claimed to be straight. And he’s married now with 3 kids. I mean, even I didn’t think to classify myself as gay, or bi, and I was definitely into other boys, more so than girls. It never occurred to me that I was gay or bi, or any other label. I think I was just too preoccupied with all the tasty boys (and some girls) around me in school.

With the first friend, (called Craig) we were very close, best friends. We could even be considered boyfriends, although we never used that term back then, but all the ingredients, emotionally and sexually were there.

I lost my gay virginity (anal sex) to him when I was 13, we were the same age. . And he lost his virginity to me.. We kissed, hugged and slept together (actual sleep). We did everything together. Although with much less knowledge and experience. We didn’t even know that we needed lube for anal, which made things that much more difficult and painful for our first times. He was also hung like a horse, which made it a painful experience for me. I mean I was doing well enough for my age at 13, but his was huge.

One of my most memorable (and not my brightest) moments is when I allowed Craig to give me a shaggy (love bite or whatever it’s called in the US? Hickey I think). I have very sensitive skin and I love being touched, stroked, have my nipples played with, and given hickeys.

Well, my family knew we were in my bedroom and hadn’t gone out. So when we went down for something to eat, they noticed that I had a big hickey on the side of my throat that wasn’t there when we went to my room. I think they really knew what happened, but we told them we were using the vacuum to give each other shaggies for a laugh. My parents have always been quite liberal with sexuality though, so I was never really worried.

That said, Craig’s primary interest was always in girls.

Whenever I’d put gay porn on, he wasn’t interested. He’d wank to a girl magazine instead. He enjoyed fooling around with me, but whenever I brought up the topic of other guys at school, like, ‘have you seen Chris naked in the shower?’ which I actually remember asking him, he’d act all uninterested, or even grossed out by the question.

Chris was another kid who I didn’t know so well, but had a big crush on, and wanted to see him nude in the gym showers.

You might wonder if Craig was just interested in getting his rocks off, but he often initiated the kissing and told me often that he loved me. I don’t think he was just some horndog.

So it was weird, but it was fun and I loved him.

We fell out eventually, big time.

I was heartbroken and quite depressed for a while, and it took me more than a year to really get over him. Now I don’t long for him or think about him much, but I do sometimes look back at the good times with a smile.

The second friend, Mark, was more “straight” than the Craig, and it was about a year later, after the falling out do with Craig. We did less, but he would allow me to blow him and jerk him off. And he blew me and jerked me a couple of times, but not nearly as often. But I didn’t care. I enjoy making my partners (if I care about them) feel good as much as, if not more so, than receiving pleasure from them.

Mark was also a lot less likely to share a kiss with me than Craig. Which is a shame because he had the most kissable, full shaped lips that I wanted to kiss every time I saw them. We did kiss once though and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest.

I think that kissing was just the line that he, and most straight guys, don’t like to cross. It’s weird, they’d rather suck a cock than kiss another guy on the lips. I guess kissing is just seen as much more intimate than oral sex is.

Mark and I just drifted apart as friends often do. But there was no animosity between us.

I checked out his Facebook profile recently, out of curiosity, and the guy’s a complete mess. In and out of prison and hooked on the hard stuff (coke and meth, etc).

His face is quite honestly, pretty messed up. It breaks my heart to see him in such a state. He was one of the cutest boys I knew and just a nice kid.

Wow, that was way longer than I intended it to be. I guess once I started thinking about those days a lot came to the surface.″ – Mike84

– ″Ok…so yes I fell totally in love with my best friend John in tenth grade. I just got all gooey inside every time I was around him. We got to be best friends and still are. I came out to him and everyone else when I was 15. Big C helped me with that a LOT. Anyways…I told John I loved him and he was totally cool with it. He even laughed and hugged me. He said dude if I was gay I’d be all over u! Lool 😄 and he was seriously serious! We’ve done everything together for three years. I went everywhere with him. It felt like he was my safety net…and my best bud. And he was NEVER weird about the gay thing..he even joked about it…he was even comfortable enough to be naked around me and even slept in my bed with me. I of course was usually hard as a rock (ha 😝)..but he even joked about that and was totally cool. He’s not circumsized..I am..and he even showed me how his hoodie works!! HA 😜. Seriously!! Omigod it looked yummy. Hehe. I guess what I’m trying to say is yes..he’s my dream guy!! Even knowing he’ll never be into me like I am him I still love him. And I always will. He’ll always be my first Love. Even if he is straight (bummer!!😕). But that’s cool too. Now we’re both in different colleges…but we still talk every day and share our lives. He’ll always be my guy…and whoever I end up with for real will have to love him too. It’s a package deal! So there u have it! That’s my answer. Laterz 😁🙋″ – Joey

– ″The first one was Neil we were best friends from the age of about 6 or 7, we did everything together and were inseparable, whenever something or someone in life came along and knocked me down he was always there picking me up.

I think I was in love with him from day one but was always too scared to say anything, things carried on like this until we were about 13, then one night whilst sleeping at his house I woke up and realized he was kissing me and was astride me and we were naked! that just about blew my mind.
we didn’t speak about it afterwards and then the next week at my house he asked me to jerk him off which I did and then he blew me.

Things carried on like this for a year or so most weekends when we stayed at each others houses but he would never talk about any of it, not a word!

After we left school we sort of drifted apart a bit but still met up every month or so for a night out and usually ended up sleeping together but after a couple of years of this one night while walking home he pulled me into a nearby park and blew me then held my hand while we walked home (he had never done this before) then outside my house he turned and asked me if I was gay? I replied well yeah I reckon so and he just said well I’m not and I don’t want to do this anymore!

we didn’t fall out but haven’t really spoken since and that was about 25 years ago lol

The second was Luke he was just a way too cute Vietnamese lad but unfortunately way too straight as well lol we were close friends for quite a few years until he started borrowing money from me then never attempted to pay any of it back and then when I stopped handing out cash he stopped calling, lesson learnt with that one.″ – Tricky71

– ″I don’t know what was going on with me, but from about the time I was ten years old, I would have these really ‘intense’ friendships with the other boys from school. Especially the ones that lived in my neighborhood. And we did everything together, and talked on the phone for hours on end, and had weekly sleepovers, and walked to and from school every single day…and before I even really figured out the ‘gay’ thing in my head, I’d be in love. Sighhhh…

I couldn’t help it. There are people in my life that I feel really close to, and sometimes that just turns into something else. Luckily, I’m a lot more level headed these days. But back then, up until I was about 25 years old or so, I’d get the most serious crushes on the people who were closest to me.

Out of all the friends I fell head over heels for, I only had sex with three of them. And one of those times actually ruined the friendship, because every time we got together it became all about sex and nothing else. I mean, I think we had feelings for each other, but we weren’t in LOVE. You know? And sex gets boring when you’re not in love. Believe it or not, I was about 14 or 15 at the time, and some days I just wanted to play Super Nintendo instead. Like, “Come on, dude. AGAIN?” Weird.

I doubt I’d have to go into too much detail about my ‘friend obsessions’ as you’ve read about them in the stories for years now. Even Chris, from “A Class By Himself”, which was one of the oddest experiences of my adolescent life. Because, truth be told, me and that boy had one hell of a love/hate relationship. Never had sex or even shared a kiss, and as far as I know, he’s straight.

But…ummm…yeah, that was weird. We HATED each other sometimes! I mean, we got into actual FIST FIGHTS on multiple occasions (Made for some interesting boy scout meetings and camping trips), but when we were friends? We were like BEST friends! And there were times when all the boys would have to sit in a semi circle and listen to the scout leader or whoever…and I’d stretch out and lay my head on Chris’ thigh. Right there in front of everybody. And he would literally ‘pet’ my hair and tell me how soft it was, and it was the weirdest, most intimate thing ever. I don’t even know if anybody noticed, but they never told us to stop, so…? ::Blush::

And of course, there was Mike. My best friend, Mike, who I met just before my freshman year of high school. That was love that I wasn’t ready for at all. And we did EVERYTHING together (And Adam and Sam and Ariel, etc were around by this point), played games together, went to the movies together, got in fights together…I really REALLY fell for him hard! ::Blushes Even Harder::

We were friends all through high school, then when he went away to college for a while, then when he came BACK to Chicago and we got an apartment together, then after that, and I got to stand at his wedding, and I just spoke to him about a week ago on the phone! Nothing’s changed. Not really. Hehehe, he’s my husband whether he knows it or not. LOL!

I did come out to Mike eventually. He didn’t believe that I was gay for almost two weeks. That was cool. 😛 It was us living in that tiny apartment together that made me build the Shack in the first place. The sexual frustration was INSANE! We’re just too close, emotionally. Always will be.

Anyway, I’ll stop this here before I let this get too long. But yes, I have not only fallen for my best friends in the past, but I think I’ve fallen for almost ALL of them at one point or another. It happens, I guess. And I wouldn’t trade those days for anything!

One regret though…I really do think I could have gotten Ariel if I wasn’t such a chicken! Seriously! He was shy, but…I always had a feeling about that boy. :)″ – Comicality

– ″When i was about 13 he was called Rodney. We used to play like blowjobs etc. I loved him and he loved me but his love was as a best friend. Wtv I was sleeping at his place which was often but this particular night his dad caught us. He wasn’t allowed to mix with me again. it hurt and I cried a lot I used to hang around at the end of his street hoping to see him but it didn’t happen he was driven to school which was different from mine and he was grounded. Obviously we did see each other during the weeks but guess it was like the Joey, Gabriel scene. We did start talking an mixing again after about 6 months but it was never the same he’d moved on and I’d moved on c’est la vie. 🙁 Funny thing is he used to instigate everything sexwise the lil straight boy.″ – ′Dot′

– ″Jon.

Jon was his name. Not ‘John’ but Jon. It might have been short for Jonathan, but that was never made clear to me.

I can’t say that I was madly in love with Jon. At first we were just a couple of misfit toys that found each other in school. It was handy that he lived just down the hill from me. We were both Star Wars fanatics and so we had many a space adventure together. In our short time together we went from best friends/brothers to being ‘interested’ in each other as our bodies began having those kinds of feelings.

Nothing ever got that serious. One time it almost did in my back yard under the Chinese elm tree, but my preternatually psychic mother called us in before we could go much further than grinding through clothing. Even though she couldn’t see anything she knew something was going on though nothing of that nature had ever happened before. We were only 11 and 12 at the time so neither of us knew what we were doing or why.

To this day I am haunted by that day. Wondering what could have become of us if we had continued. Probably a lot of drama and misery because later we were ‘broken up’ in an agreement between his parents and mine. Jon was going in a direction I couldn’t go. He was starting to sniff around drugs and trouble. Shoplifting things. I think the end of it really came when Jon pulled his dad’s gun out and started playing with it around me. This scared me. Also, he started playing with fire . . . literally. That was my mom’s reasons anyway.

I have a feeling that Jon’s dad’s reasons were for something far less ‘parental’. He sensed something was growing between his son and me that went beyond mere friendship. Jon was broken hearted and I was too though I turned very cold toward him. I had to. I was ordered to. I . . . always followed orders. My mom was my Emperor and I was her Darth Vader slave. I also knew that Jon scared me. My feelings for him I couldn’t understand and his bizarre and dangerous behavior was very disturbing.

During Jr. High I lost track of Jon. He tried many times to entice me back into his new world of Heavy Metal, Drugs, and a ‘close’ friend who, strangely, was another blonde boy (highly unusual in my school being that I went to a minority school). But, by that time I’d made new friends and one, in particular, was trying to catch my eye. His name was Jose (‘JOEseph’). That relationship too would die before it ever got anywhere, much to my lasting sadness. I was a ‘good’ boy then and had recognized through the vicious browbeating of others that what I was was called. ‘Gay’. To be Gay, for me then, was to be ‘wrong’. A pervert and mortal sinner (I was very religious then. A devout Catholic). It also meant certain death because AIDS had just risen to full power. That was all the proof I needed that God hated homosexuality. It was a preview of Judgement Day. It was the First Tribulation. So, when JOEseph (Jose) wanted to make that move on me at the sleepover when I was fourteen, I ran away from him, terrified and yet longing for that touch I could NEVER have! Because I WANTED Jose. I wanted him very much. But, to have him meant all manner of troubles for me, not the lease-wise was eternal damnation. I became a pariah after that. Jose was very popular and the correct rumours about what I was only gained strength through his influence. A lover scorned can be a terrible thing.

Then High School came . . . but my Billy Chase never did.

I wait for him still.″ – MrM

– ″I think what you @Comicality describe is very natural, because it was exactly like that for me. Boys from school and boys who lived nearby, but I never had sexual feelings for my best friend who turned out to be straight. But there was Steven, Stevie, with his blond hair and blue eyes who lived down the street. We would have mock fights where we literally tumbled around together, we were all over each other and it felt great, but neither of us knew anything about sex, we were eight or nine years old.

There was Mark from school, another blond, his mother was German and quite strict. It all came to an end at his house where I was invited for his birthday party. I don’t recall exactly what happened, but there were only a handful of boys there, it was a great party. But, I think he wanted to show off a bit, we all got into a pillow fight, and I knew we shouldn’t be doing that. So it ended with one very angry German lady grabbing her son and spanking him in front of us, then we all got sent home.

Now Demetri had the cutest smile, he was a small kid for his age, with short jet black hair and his family were Greek Cypriot. We hung out together, we were both in the school football team, I still have the team photo, a bunch of ten year olds (I should dig it out). The climax of that relationship was an afternoon spent at his house, because whatever we started out doing we ended up whispering secrets and holding each other and getting quite close. It was just that one afternoon, but I still have the picture in my head of his bedroom and sitting there on his bed close to him.

Things changed with puberty and growing up, I never lost the getting close to boys, but for several years it was on hold, because I was scared, dead scared that I might get found out for who I really was, and that would spoil everything – because deep down I knew I was different and that I must be the only boy like that, so I had to hide and keep my secret to myself, whatever the cost and heartache.″ – William King

– ″Only once! We were not really best friends but really close friends. I fell in love with a boy named Glenn. We were around 8th or 9th grade back when we first met, I didn’t even know I was Bi back then, I was just interested in him for some reason, he was oh so chubby back then! Hehehe. At first I was interested in him, not in a love kind way but something. But he eventually grew into a hottie during the 9th grade. And it turned out that he was gay! I didn’t know hat to feel back then. It eventually turned into infatuation.

Well, I didn’t come out to him, but I did show him I was somehow more than interested in him… But alas, we were good friends but he didn’t feel the same about me. That hurt me a lot. Turns out he had another infatuation at the time. We had a falling out our friendship never really got fixed , it was patched a few times but never really fixed. But i guess that’s life. 🙂 At least I tried right? God even now he’s so hot! Hehehe.

I still feel bad about the falling out, mostly because it was my fault. :/″ – MasterM

– ″To be honest I’ve never really had a best friend, in fact most people I’ve known have usually been no more than acquaintances.

I have found some of them hot though and a couple would of been nice to fool around with, but in love with any of them? Not really in my remit. Plus all bar a very few of the people I know in person are 100% straight.

In school there were a couple of guys but that was just teenage hormones needing release at boarding school.″ – Dom

– ″Yea.. the memory.. still lingers strong, and still cut’s deep.. I’m okay though, and today we still have a source of contact.. Oh… the contact,, umm.. well…. his name was Randy.. I mean still is. YOU know? the very First love, I remember….it was 5th or 6th grade( I’m stuck on 5th though) I had gotten my very first , brand New sting-ray bike, banana seat, and all… boy he was a beauty.. Yea.. I knew.. I knew I was the G-word (gay), Had Know since I was 10.. I was different .., and according to all around Infected with the worst, nastiest, unbearable, non- compromising disease on the planet…Sigh… but right now this moment my eye’s starred at my Bronze, and chrome beauty ( with Banana seat!) “So exited”, as I left I was in Heaven or I thought? The house’s somewhat close (lived on a lake) I continued for about 10 maybe 15 seconds when I saw that Steven’s house had been sold.., and activity there?? As I looked I was taken in by the most mind, and heart captivating boy I had EVER laid eye’s on… As a matter of fact I couldn’t get my eye’s where they belonged before I hit something, and crashed my brand new bike.. But the bike’s newness ended when I saw that boy.. He had seen me go down, and had run to me ( My HERO…. yup that’s what he was) as he continued closer, and closer my heart ready to crash out of my body… from the pure Undeserved beauty before me… and his voice, his smile, and Olive colored skin… and then, and then I was privy to the piercing, sapphire Blue eye’s starring at me..!.. I felt like I had swallowed my fist when he asked with Great concern if I was hurt..I stood now able to get up with his help, yea his touch…I know I held on longer than I should.. when he drew his attention to the my new , but now crashed bike.. he smirked seeing my gaze as I never looked at the Bike yet caught up, caught Up in “Randy”.. He said… I shook my head after he spoke the softness of his voice revealing as he smiled “yea my name’s Randy… I now new the name of the Adonis before Me.. His smile as fresh as… the sunshine, and inviting as the clear smooth lake behind us.. as my hardness began to uncontrollably grow, causing me to blush . A Day of a new instant friend ,and he’s the same age.. it was summer.. YES!!! timing great, yes time… to know him more.. that’s all I could think of, and we did to the next 7 seven years ours to grow, and bond, and become the loving friends we were…with out spoiling the the ending… our friendship had many qualities over the years, and many that adults never even come close to seeing in their relationships.. yet WE had it.. a respect, and more! it went so deep we could never sort it out.. and that’s Okay we were able to just GO With It.. and let things happen….. Until That DAY…! I always knew I loved Randy, and as close as we were he had to know also.. but it never seemed to bother him…Till that Day??? I know I’m being A little vague here.. And it is Intentional.. I actually plan on writing it all down the road.. WAS there horrifying circumstances? absolutely… It will eventually all come out, Just not today… I want to Just remember, …. remember.. Randy, and my Love for him that day, not a crush.. he took ownership of my heart that day as I signed over the deed to it, no mistaking I wanted him ,and him alone to own it if for Only 1 day.. but it did continue.., and he maintained my heart with love, and care Until….. That Day. The tears still flow.. I’d be lying if I said they weren’t right now.. but It’s Okay, and one day the tears will stop.. I have retrieved the Love, to give to those more willing to accept it.. yea that’s my plan ….come on Billy where are YOU ?????? My hearts waiting!!″ – DMRman

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