1- The ‘BR’ logo of the Baskin Robins ice cream franchise is two different colors for a reason. Going back to the original name of ’31 Flavors’, the letter B and the letter R form the number ’31’ in the middle of the logo!

2- While people around the world call the giant clock tower in London, ‘Big Ben’…the name ‘Big Ben’ really only refers to the BELL. Not the whole building.

3- “The Running Man” is a story that was written by Richard Bachman, and later turned into a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, what many don’t realize is that Richard Bachman is merely an alternate pen name for horror writer, Stephen King.

4- Dolphins have the most sophisticated underwater sonar detectors known to mankind. No other animal on Earth can compete with them!

5- The giant, wealthy, mogul family of JP Morgan…wrote and composed the song for “Jingle Bells”!

6- Cheetahs are actually extinct in over 80 countries around the world!

7- Gandhi was actually MARRIED when he was only 13 years old…to a bride who was ALSO only 13 years old! So…there’s that.

8- The reason that the buttons on women’s clothing are on the left, instead of the right like men’s clothing, is because of a very old Victorian fashion tradition. Wealthy women were the ones who would show off their fancy buttons in public, and were often dressed by maids and servants. Men dressed themselves. So the buttons were put on the left side for women so it would be easier for the help to dress them properly.

9- It would be extremely difficult in this day and age of the internet to plagiarize a term paper for school. In fact, any teacher can type a few phrases or paragraphs into a search engine to figure out where it came from. BUT…there is a way around this. Copy and paste the text into a language translator (Any language), then take the results and translate it back into English. From there, simply correct the grammar mistakes. The translation will be different enough to avoid most search engines.

10- All Nintendo Switch cards have been deliberately coated in a chemical called Denatonium Benzoate…which is known as one of the most bitter and disgusting tastes known to mankind! This was done to keep people from eating or sucking on the small pieces, or having them become a choking hazard.

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