Omigod, it’s my first day at college! I’m away from home for the first time, and my roommate turned out to be so CUTE!

He’s like, “Hi, I’m Alex!”

That’s a cute name. And he was blond too! Which is also super cool, right? I’m like, “I’m Daniel.” And we shake hands. Then my parents helped me move some of my boxes into the dorm room. They were kind of heavy, but we managed. Then they left.

Alex and I started watching TV and we talked so we could get to know one another. He seems cool enough. Oh no, I hope he doesn’t know that I’m gay!

I’m scared. I don’t want him to find out. But I can’t keep it a secret anymore. I’m more mature than that. I’m 18. I can just tell him, right?

I go out into our dorm room and say, “Alex, I’m gay. I just felt the need to be honest with you. Is that ok?”

He’s like, “Whoah, really? I’ gay too! I’m glad you told me! Now we won’t have any angst or conflict at ALL! Do you wanna make out?”

“Is that a trick question?” I say with a grin! And we start to kiss. Mmmm, he’s so cute and so soft! I think I’m falling in love! “I love making out with you, baby!”

“Sweet! I love you too!” He says, honestly. “Can you fuck me in the ass? Just once?”

I was already hard, so I’m like, “Omigod, I was hoping you would ask me that! You have a terrific ass!” And then I found a condom, and I lubed up, and then I fucked him hard in the ass. And it was good.

“I love you.” He said afterword.

“Love you too!” I replied. Then he fell asleep in my arms, and nothing bad happened from that day forward. We had butt sex a bunch of times, and climaxed together a bunch of times. And that was it. We lived to be gay partners until we were both 95 years old, and then we died.

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