The House That Comsie Built: SWAK Sundau

“Sealed With A Kiss”…aka SWAK, waiting for everybody, every Monday morning!!!

Or…at least when I’m not too exhausted to get it out in time! That happens more often than you would think!

Hehehe, now that it has become a weekly occurrence on the Shack forum, I’m sure that many of you guys who read on a regular basis don’t really see this weekly ritual as anything special, or even out of the ordinary. And if that’s the case…then AWESOME! Because that was the whole point from the very beginning! Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that people stop by on a weekly basis just to see the new addition! Major thanks to all of you who drop in to smile and give me the occasional high five for it. Love you too!

The reason that social brainwashing is soooo hard to break away from is because most of us don’t even realize that it’s brainwashing. We’ve been fed this one-sided narrative that tells us that anything ‘gay’ is wrong or unnatural in its presentation for so long that it’s hard to even recognize it anymore. But…WHY??? Why does this mindset exist? Why can’t affection be appreciated, and even celebrated between two boys like it is with everything else, instead of the socially ‘dictated’ idea of what’s right and normal?  Why is something ‘else’ considered the standard? Boy meets girl, and they kiss, and it’s sweet and innocent and full of purity and grace. But any movie, Tv show, song on the radio, literary expression, is scrutinized and hated and even censored from public viewing for talking about any alternative? Like…EVER? WHY? It really disturbed me that most of the people I talked to in email didn’t see themselves as being normal. Wanting the same things that everybody else wants. Feeling the same things that everybody else feels. It can be SO self destructive! And self destructive behavior lashes out when people reach a boiling point. Is there any wonder that there’s so much hate and violence in the world? Seriously…

When I first began doing the SWAK posts…Justin Bieber was 16 years old. And yet, he was photographed multiple times sharing a hotel room with Selena Gomez, who I believe was 18 or 19 at the time. Yes, she’s older than he is. But this was on tabloid and magazine covers all around the globe, published with excitement and virtual ‘high fives’ to Justin Bieber…but, let’s be honest…this was a crime, right? I mean…right? Was she not over 18? Is he not under 18? WTF??? She thought he was hot and famous so…why not? And nobody batted an eye.

Would that same logic work for you in your home town? Just asking.

But society deems that ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ without question. Because we’re used to it, and they’re heterosexual, and hey…double standards rock. ::Shrugs::

So…when these pictures of 16 year old Justin were being celebrated when kissing an older woman…I wondered what would happen if I posted pictures of two boys of the same age kissing instead. Nothing naughty or pornographic. Both boys were fully dressed, really sweet, just expressing affection for one another. And the initial response was exactly what I expected it would be. Suspicion, and discomfort, and immediate criticism. Two boys kissing each other was seen as salacious and provocative and disgusting, and in need for caution and delicacy…just in case it promoted behavior that was seen as dirty and immoral. Like I said…just in case. Well, just in case of WHAT? LITERALLY…the initial three or four kiss pictures are posted here!

Do you see anything pornographic or nasty about them?

And if you do…ask yourself why?

Feel free to comment and express your concerns below on this article. Because I’d really like to know how this is so different from director Michael Bay using his camera to sexually molest the oil slicked hot, barely legal, in his ″Transformer″ movies. Might make for a decent discussion later on.

After the first few weeks of me doing this every Monday, a few comments were made and a couple of points were debated and discussed on the board, but over time, the tensions began to ease up a little bit more. And that’s why SWAK Sunday has become such an important part of what I try to do every Monday morning. The ‘shock’ of seeing two boys in love and kissing shouldn’t be much of a controversy. It happens all the time, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. Whatever it is that makes people soooo uncomfortable about the idea of boys being affectionate around the same time that THEY are first discovering their affection for other boys when they were younger, shouldn’t be reading stories on a website where ‘two boys kissing’ makes up for almost 100% of what I write in my stories anyway. I want people to SEE it! To feel it! And if they’re super squeamish about it, then I want them to ask themselves why, and be completely honest with their answers. Why not? I mean…I’m GIVING people a safe place to talk about this without judgement or ridicule. I’m screaming out to people, “HEY!!! I understand! Talk to me! It’s ok!” But…I can also understand how hard it is to admit personal feelings like this for the first time, and that social brainwashing is HARD to skate around sometimes. Trust me, I know. I had to go through it myself. And it took years to get past it.

But the beginning of the journey towards accepting your desires and fully loving yourself for who you are…starts with a catalyst. it starts with something as simple as seeing a picture of two innocent boys kissing each other in a moment of puppy love, and realizing that it’s OK for that to happen. That what you feel now, or felt when you were much younger…was **OK**! ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ posts started every week, on a Monday, to say goodbye to the Sunday before it, and let the past week of our lives go by the wayside so we could move forward and start our Mondays off fresh with a new perspective. With hopes for better times in the future. You know? It was done to share pictures of boys kissing and expressing their love for one other without being HATED for it. There’s nothing ‘naughty’ or ‘inappropriate’ about it. Look at it for yourselves. Seriously…if these kisses make you feel awkward and dirty…and yet pics of straight couples kissing in movies/TV/music videos, doing the exact same thing, don’t…then you’ve been infected. Unfairly manipulated in your world view of what’s right and what’s wrong. And that can be fixed. If you’ll allow it.

Hopefully, SWAK Sunday posts can normalize the affection of passionate gay teens the same way we’ve normalized the violence we see on the news every night before bedtime.

That’s where SWAK was created, and this is why it has become an important weekly ritual on the site for as long as has been running. Drop by, whenever you like. Check it out on the Shack forum every Monday evening at to enjoy a little affection of your own! Consider it a kiss from me to you! Hehehe! Cool?


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