Can you believe it? Look at all of this stuff?! We’ve got MrM’s continuing stories, TurtleBoy’s finally gotten off of his butt and written a movie review, William King’s “The Bench” and oh… oh my, just check out the list below, because… Look at all that glorious awesomeness!!! Our featured author this month is John Smith, so make sure to not only read his short story, “The Journey”, but follow up with his exclusive interview, conducted by Comicality.

  1. The Seashell – Chapter 3 in by
  2. Brandon Smiling: Chapter 9 in by
  3. Comsie Questions: First Kiss? in by
  4. Daydream Short: Boy Valentine in by
  5. GFD: The Music of Darkness in by
  6. Shelter: Chapter 9 – Lay Blame On The Young in by
  7. “LAD: A Yorkshire Story” Movie Review in by
  8. The Auranades: Episode 11 – Shock in by Chad Blackman
  9. The House Comsie Built: Jukebox Jimmy in by
  10. The Journey, By John Smith in by John Smith
  11. An Interview With John Smith in by
  12. The Bench in by
  13. The Most Beautiful Boy in by
  14. Story Brat 2 in by
  15. The Portals: Chapter 10 in by
  16. Fun Facts #27 in by
  17. TurtleBoy’s Tidbits: Learning HTML – The P Tag in by

Published February 1, 2018