That very first kiss. That first intimate connection. It can be one of the most memorable parts of anyone’s life…sometimes for good reasons…sometimes for bad reasons. But, whatever the case may be, our topic this time around is all about that very first liplock and how it affected you!

Now, I realize that some of you haven’t actually had your first kiss yet, and that’s fine. If you’re still waiting for that magic moment, tell us what you want it to be like. What are you expecting? If given a choice, who would your first kiss be with? It’s going to happen eventually, so you might as well enjoy a bit of fantasy until it taps you on the shoulder. Hehehe!

So share your very first kiss memories with us! Give us some details! Who was it with? Was it a boy? A girl? Was it premeditated? Or were one of you caught off guard? Was it good? Was it awkward? Was it…bad? How did you react? Whatever you can tell us, we’d be happy to hear it!

Sighhhh…first kisses. Awwww!

– “If I had to be totally honest, I experienced my very first kiss when I was only six years old. Hahaha, but I don’t count that as my first ‘real’ kiss. But it was with a blond girl in the first grade, and we were on a field trip to the Field Museum. I don’t know what came over me or why I was so enamored by this girl, but I vividly remember torturing myself about it for the whole field trip. I just HAD to kiss her before the end of the day! And I did. An innocent, little boy, kiss of course…but it scared the shit out of me to do it, the other boys in the class thought I was crazy, SHE thought I was crazy…but I did it! And I won’t take it back! Hehehe! See? Comsie was a natural born romantic.

My first real kiss, meaning a kiss with some intent behind it, came when I was about twelve or thirteen, I think. It was with a boy named, Seth, and we had been friends for a few years. He used to live across the street from me, but his mom moved him and his little brother further away from us. Not TOO far away, but further than I was allowed to go by myself at the time. So every other weekend we would end up having his mom or mine drive over and drop us off for a sleepover. He had a bedroom, but we always slept up in his attic. His stepdad had a thing about ‘noise’ after ten O’clock, but…come on, dude! It’s a SLEEPOVER! Relax.

So we’d stay in the attic, played with action figures and Legos and talked and laughed. And I remembered this one night we had been watching “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, and this was probably the 50th time we saw it but it was playing in the background. We were both laying in his bed, it was dark except for the TV, and I don’t really remember what we were talking about but things got really quiet all of a sudden. We could barely see each other’s faces. I remember moving a little bit closer to him, and I remember him bumping my knee with his. And we were just sort of breathing. I swear I can still hear his breathing as I write this. And our heads got closer, but there was, like, a part of the blanket or a pillow between our faces. At first the blanket was between our lips, and then Seth pulled it down to get it out of the way…and our lips touched.

I don’t think I had ever been more excited in my entire life up until that point. Seth was extremely cute, but we were usually too busy having fun for me to really consider having a ‘crush’ on him or anything. I hadn’t even really thought about it until a few minutes before we starting making out. And then there was some tongue action happening, then some rolling around, and a little grinding. But that’s as far as it went. Hehehe, I honestly can’t even remember how it ended or why we stopped. I just remember everything going back to normal the next day and it was as if nothing happened.

Now, about a year later…hehehe, yeah, we finished what we started. Many, many, times over! (Wink) But it’s not like we got together to kiss on the weekends. It happened, like, twice for a whole year. I didn’t even think about it being a ‘gay’ thing. It was just this really sweet moment that happened with Indiana Jones playing on a Betamax machine in the background. Hehehe! Ahhh, memories.” – Comicality

​- ″I can’t actually remember mine, but…

I think it was with this girl, one of my first girlfriends, when I was 10. I have no idea how good it was, she was, or I was. But I remember kissing Kaleigh (the girl) during a break time at school. And then after school we did a little more (with our hands below the belt). And then we broke up like two weeks later or something. It’s sad. I miss her she was a nice girl, but I didn’t love her, or even like her romantically. I was just having some fun.

I’ve kissed a few boys / guys too. The first kiss with another boy was nice. Much nicer than the one with Kaleigh. But the second boy, (Mark), I kissed felt like magic. I had been wanting to kiss him for a while. We had fooled around, but he was reluctant to kiss. But his lips looked really ‘kissable’. They were full shaped and ‘pinkish’, almost like a girl’s. He also had really dark and long eyelashes. People used to accuse him of wearing mascara.

The actual kiss was just as good as I imagined it would be.

Those are really the two kisses that stand out. I’ve had some really bad experiences snogging people too. But I won’t go into that. :P″ – Mike84

– ″*Smiles fondly*

It was a school dance in grade six, I can’t exactly remember the context but anyone who went to one of those in junior high knows what I’m talking about with how awkward everything is. Getting to the point, there was a girl, I believe her name was Melissa or something with an ‘M’ sounds right. She came up to me and we talked for maybe 30 seconds tops and then she said “Bye!”, kissed me – and went back to her friends to probably talk about it.

What I consider my first kiss though was in grade eight, by the time I was openly gay another boy came out to me and he was cute enough and we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I in the theatre. Maybe 10 minutes into the film we started doing the hand dance and eventually held hands which led to kissing and then heavy making out. I don’t think I’ve seen that film without interruption to this day.″ – Comrade Jake

– ″Something most guys would rather forget lolz it’s clumsy and embarrassing. ‘Did I do it right? Probably not if the truth was told but hey you always remember it. Some guys will play the stud and say it was amazing they probably think that lol. It’s like first full on sex ‘Oh man it was mind-blowing he/she was begging for more.’ Yeh sure. One shacker said a couple years ago he had his first fuck with a boy when he was 8 they were both on weed and they were at it all day haha. Dream on. Boys can be feely and touchy at that age but for most cases full sex or proper kissing doesn’t happen.

So my first kiss was with a girl when we were about 6, it wasn’t really a kiss just lips together but we thought it was at the time. That happened quite a lot through the years but guess my first what I thought was full on kiss was with Carol. Most boys kissed Carol lol she used to come into our den up the fields. Tongue stuff happened but wasn’t sure if I was doing it right so I did what most boys do at 11, 12 wtv practiced on myself. Yeps grinding naked into a full length mirror in my bedroom kissing myself. 🙂 Guess you could say I was my first proper kiss. LOL!

So then things progressed but it was still that awkward kid thing whether girl or boy make sure noses don’t clash, both moving our heads to the left or right at the same time come on you know it’s true and how it happened then. 🙂 I suppose my first proper kiss was with David when I was about 11 I’ve mentioned him before he was a couple years older than me. We were naked and he was on top of me and he kissed a lot. I totally learned how to relax, let him kiss me and kiss him back properly….I think lol doesn’t matter I really enjoyed kissing for the first time and realised how good it felt and what it did. Never looked back since.″ – Dot

– ″My first proper kiss was in a bike shed at school one night when I was 11. It was with a girl everyone called big Di who was 2 years above me. I didn’t really like her that much but it was a case of my friend fancied her friend but she would only get off with him if I got off with Di so I sort of got pushed into it, I have to be honest kissing her was bloody awful hehe she was really into it while I was really really not.

After about half an hour of being slobbered on my friend talked the girls into giving us both a blow job which was definitely an improvement from having my face sucked off, Although standing on top of a bike rack being noshed off whilst other kids and their parents are walking past the gate could have ended much worse.

Afterwards they made us promise not to tell anyone which was fine by me as I had no desire for it to be public knowledge, The next day when I walked into the canteen at school everyone was staring and whispering (turns out big Di couldn’t keep her own secret) what made it worse was the other 3 were all older than me so were all in another part of the school so I had to fend off all the questions on my own.″ – Tricky71

– ″I remember mine pretty well.

I think I was about 13 or 14 at the time. The daughter of some friends of my parents was living with us for about 6 months. She was a couple of years younger than me. We had a pool, and I caught a glimpse of her changing out of her swimsuit one day. Well that was enough to turn me into a full-blown stalker. I became slightly obsessed with trying to see more. (SOOOO typical teenage boy. And I never did see much more than glimpses here and there).

Anyway Valentine’s Day rolled around, and I thought “This is it! I want my first kiss.” I think I stood outside her bedroom door for about 15 minutes summoning up the courage to go in.

Eventually, I moved inside her door. She asked “What are you doing?”

“I was hoping for a good night’s kiss.”


“Because its Valentine’s Day.”

I was very smooth at 14. 😛

She seemed kind of skeptical about the whole thing but sort of reluctantly agreed. I sat on her bed, leaned in…

…and got a peck on the lips.

That was a bit disappointing so I tried a second time. Same result. At that point I kind of figure I’d stretched her patience as much as it would go, so I retreated to my own bedroom.

The funny thing is that even though the actual kiss was pretty unexciting, my teenage brain was completely overwhelmed. It felt like I was awake all night thinking “I KISSED A GIRL!!!!!” “I KISSED A GIRL!!!!!” (repeat many many times).″ – Cirrus

– ″I remember…..

My first kiss was with Gabriel when I was 15. It was outside a movie theater. Unfortunately his mom saw it too and he was never allowed to hang out with me again or even talk to me in school. So it’s kinda both a good and a bad memory. I had lots of other kisses lately from a guy I’m seeing now from college. He’s my lab partner an I think things are going pretty good! HA! I’m sorry I had to wait almost three years…but hopefully some things are worth waiting for!″ – Joey

– ″Yummy!

He was very young (we both were), very cute, and very very experienced. I never kissed a girl (and don’t want to, no offense to anyone else’s preferences). We met sort of by accident at a party of gay boys. Somehow, I overcame my shyness to show up in the first place. I spotted him, and we started talking. I forget who kissed who first, but once I got started, I kissed him long, softly, and deep. It was yummy! He said I was very good at it. After the party, I brought him home (my parents were asleep), but that’s a different subject.″ – Jon

– ″My first kiss was after my first time getting laid…

Yeah i got laid at Boarding school, but it was just sex. The idea of kissing seemed too gay and wasn’t ready for that. Plus there was the mentality that what we were doing was just getting off. So my first real kiss was actually at a night club in the town I grew up in and was with a girl!
I was drunk and more importantly it seemed like a good way to alleviate any suspicions those that I was with had of me.

She was a sweet girl but it just didn’t do anything for me.. though I was told I was a good kisser ;p″ – Dom


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