1- If you try to pour water off of the top of the Hoover Dam…chances are that it won’t go down. In fact, the heavy winds and its unique design will cause the water to float UPWARDS, and back into your face!

2- The male ejaculation squirts at around 26 mph! And, believe it or not…male orgasms are stimulated by the spinal chord. NOT the brain!

3- Even though ‘Temple Of Doom’ is the second outing in the ‘Indiana Jones’ cinematic series, it is not a sequel. It’s actually a prequel! Supposedly taking place in 1935…while ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ takes place in 1936!

4- Swearing profusely on a phone call where you have to deal with an automated service will immediately flag your comments, and get you a live person on the phone! Hehehe, no more dealing with computers for a half hour! I ‘fucking’ HATE them! LOL!

5- The first personal vibrator was invented in 1890, and it worked with a hand crank, much like an old school egg beater!

6- You will not be admitted into the US armed forces in any capacity if you are missing a toe! So…make sure you have all ten, soldiers!

7- Frederic J Baur, creator of Pringles potato chips, was so proud of his stand up design that when he died, some of his ashes were placed in a can and buried in the cemetary. Original flavor.

8- Your body becomes ‘aroused’ every single time that you go to sleep. Morning erection, much? Hehehe! But don’t worry, you’re not a pervert. Your body does this while you’re sleeping to keep itself from going into a vegetative state. So it’s totally natural. Not to mention…really HOT! ::Giggles::

9- The rather simple logo for the Office of Government Commerce is created just with the letters ‘OGC’, which makes sense right? However, the letters are connected, and if you turn it on its side, it looks like a stick figure masturbating! LOL! Ooops!
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10- While cats have been studied and monitored for their behavior, science hasn’t really figured out why cats purr. It’s widely believed that cats do this when they feel good or they use it as a ways of showing affection, but the truth is cats also purr when they’re scared, injured, or hungry. What is it they’re trying to communicate to us? We may never know.

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