Review of LAD: A Yorkshire Story

When tragedy hits, you’ll do anything to find your bearings. You look for familiar things, struggle to make things as they were, while your brain fumbles over its own wiring trying to make sense of what’s going on. As a species, we’re just not big on change, especially when it comes to death.

This film is a telling of exactly that. It follows an average family, living in Yorkshire, as they try to figure out how to live after the sudden death of their father and husband. The story has a nice, natural pace that allows you to really get to know every character, without it becoming tedious.

Our main character is Nick Proctor, an intelligent thirteen-year-old with a passion for rocks. After the passing of his father, Nick does his best to try and keep the family together. How he does that, though, is absolute perfection, and ultimately leads him under the wing of an aging park ranger.

While I’d like to talk more about this movie, I really don’t want to give anything away. All you need to know beyond what I’ve already said is it’s an instant classic that only leaves you wishing there was also a book. There isn’t. I checked. 🙁

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