The most beautiful boy in the world? Is there such a thing? Is there someone that, beyond the eye of the beholder, can be agreed upon as the prettiest boy walking on this planet?

An Italian painter, named Carlotti, once defined beauty as, “The summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered…”, which, when you think about it, seems pretty accurate. Which brings us to a young, 14 year old, model and actor…named Will Franklyn-Miller.

London born, but Australia raised, he began his modeling career at the tender age of four, and continued forward with an acting career, being involved with some younger roles in a few TV shows and short films. However, it was during a trip to Japan that changed everything for the then 12 year old. A Japanese schoolgirl was so enraptured by him, that she took his picture and shared it on her Twitter account with all of her friends. Those friends fell in love immediately and began retweeting and sharing the photo as well. Within a matter of DAYS, Will Franklyn-Miller had become a full blown celebrity in Japan, Chine, and Indonesia. Literally!

Will told the ‘Daily Mail’ about his own Twitter account, “I was getting around 100 followers every three seconds. We thought they were fake followers there was so many.” In fact, his mother was certain that his account had been hacked until people started to send genuine comments of love and support, and his overnight celeb status was confirmed.

Since then, Will Franklyn-Miller has been declared ‘The Most Beautiful Boy In The World’ (Or the most handsome boy, or the cutest teen, etc). In fact, if you Google ‘most beautiful boy in the world’, his face is likely to pop up somewhere. And that is amazing, because…wow! It would be hard for me to disagree.

Just to look at him, I’d have to admit…if he’s not one of the most beautiful boys walking the Earth’s surface, he’s definitely in the running! I don’t know if the human heart could take much more beauty than that. Just imagine how many car accidents that boy must cause just walking down a public street. What must he be doing to the heart of any poor closeted gay teen who has to go to school with him? He must drive them CRAZY on a daily basis! And a cute Aussie accent too? Jesus!

But, of course…TRUE beauty isn’t just a matter of genetics and a set of baby blue eyes. Right? There’s got to be a personality to go along with it. Kindness, compassion, a sense of humor…can he possibly be the full package?

BOOM! He’s got a YouTube account! (

You can find Will’s vlogs and video diaries as he travels around the globe, goes on modeling photo shoots, or spends time having fun with friends and family. And he’s just as sweet and engaging as you would expect him to be. He laughs and jokes around, enjoys acting and surfing, he sings, he plays guitar…you almost want to shake your fist at the sky and scream, “It’s just not FAIR!!!” He’s GOT to have a flaw somewhere! Hehehe! But from what I see, he’s just beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. And that’s really saying something! I’m telling you, it’s something to behold.

So, as his acting career is just taking off, we can all expect to see more of this cutie in the future. But I have a feeling that he won’t be going anywhere any time soon! He’s actually got some acting chops on him, and he’s talented in many different areas that I’m sure he’ll be successful in. The big blue eyes and pretty face is just a lucky bonus!

Best of luck to you, WFM! Stay away from the bad things, and reach for the stars!

– Comicality

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