Seriously…what the hell is going on with the cute teen boys in Australia??? This has gone beyond a few (hundred) coincidences at this point. No way this is random! There is either something in the water, or some sort of experimental genepool that creates some of the cutest boys on the planet within the borders of that one continent! And, I’m telling you, it’s just not FAIR! Hehehe! Can we bottle that beauty and spread it to the rest of the world? I mean, Levi Miller, Will Franklyn Miller, and now Alex Ruygrok? There’s a definite pattern going on around in that area!

I need a passport! ASAP!

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Alex Ruygrok began modeling at a very young age, and has now become one of the top 20 models of his agency! Very easy to understand, considering his big, bright, eyes and infectious personality in just about everything he does. Have you ever watched one of his live streams? He’s having so much fun that you can’t help but to feel a bit amped up yourself. His constant giggles and tireless enthusiasm can be so contagious!

Is it any wonder that this beauty was born on Valentine’s Day? (Happy belated birthday, Alex!!!) But his beauty isn’t just skin deep. Not at all. With a dedication to his fans and biggest supporters, whom he livestreams with as often as he possibly can, Alex is also a part of an ‘anti-bullying’ campaign for teens who are being abused and made to feel less than human by the monstrous atmosphere in which they live. In league with Australia’s/New Zealand’s campaign, ‘Angel’s Hope’, Alex has become somewhat of a poster boy for the anti-bullying movement, and there are shirts and other merchandise that can be purchased to support and promote the cause.

Alex says, “There is no kid in this world that has not been bullied in some shape or form at one stage of their lives, at school or on the Internet. Likewise, I am no different. Luckily for me, my strong character (which I’ll admit is a pain sometimes!) has helped me push through this emotional hardship to come out on top. I realize that we are not all the same and that some kids out there do not have the strength and self-confidence to defend themselves against the repetitive verbal or physical behavior inflicted upon them by others. I wish to become the voice of these kids, urging every person who has or is witnessing inappropriate behavior between two people to stand up to them by speaking up. It’s not okay to watch people get hurt and be afraid to act on it. There are various ways for you to reach out to teachers, parents or any relevant organization that you know can help with these issues. The children of this generation do not have to go through this. Be kind and thoughtful towards others and reach out and ask if you can help.” Well said! And I, personally, agree!

Alex Ruygrok seems like a cute boy with real heart! And I wish him all the best in the future! He may just be one of those positive minds that will grow up and lead us all into discovering a better day in the future! So press on, gentle warrior! We’re rooting for ya, dude!

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