While it’s unclear whether it spurred from madness or unleashed after years of careful planning, Comicality has retreated to the mountain tops, where he has formed his own religion of “Comsiology”. From what our sources have been able to gather, this religion seems to be formed around male adolescence.

Furthermore, the religion is led by an unnamed, teenage ‘boy pope’, who is yet to be identified. However, the suspicious disappearance of Levi Miller may have something to do with it.

In mere days Comsiology has consumed the country like wildfire, in the form of a disgruntled vampire, now referred to as “The Night Piper”. This is due to the sheer number of boys who are voluntarily joining the church and relocating to the Temple of Comsiology, located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

According to American law, everything that has happened is protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

The Shack Tabloid’s investigation continues in IMAGINE 39

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