1- Despite what we have been calling it over the years, there is actually no ‘lead’, whatsoever, in a pencil. Only graphite.

2- The tiny little fuzzy ‘ball’ on the top of your Winter hat actually had a purpose at one time. It was worn by members of the military who worked on ships with low ceilings. That fuzzy ball was meant to protect your head in case you bumped it and injured yourself. And you thought it was just the manufacturers being fancy! 😛

3- Where’s the best place to possibly find FREE money? Secondhand clothing stores! Many people sell or donate old clothes in bulk, and they often don’t check the pockets to see what’s in them. Sometimes…there’s some free cash left behind. Happy hunting!

4- The largest volcano on the planet Earth…is actually underwater! The Tamu Massif volcano covers about 119,000 square miles! Making it, not only the largest volcano on the planet Earth…but the largest ever found and recorded within our entire SOLAR SYSTEM! :O

5- Ex-President, Richard Nixon, could play five instruments! The piano, the clarinet, the accordion, the saxophone, and the violin. Hehehe, no rock guitars? What a square! 😛

6- During the filming of “Rocky IV”, Dolph Lundgren punched Sylvester Stallone SO hard in his chest that it actually caused him severe heart problems! Sly was hospitalized for over a WEEK before he could go back to filming!

7- In the original Mario Bros. for the Nintendo 8-bit system, take a close look at the red overalls that he’s wearing! It’s actually made in the shape of one of the aliens from Atari’s ′Space Invaders′ game!

8- Mark Gruenwald, an executive editor for Marvel Comics and one of the creative forces behind Captain America and Iron Man, passed away in 1996. In his will and testament, he said that he wanted his cremated ashes to be mixed with comic book ink…and sold to comic fans! A reprint of the comic, Squadron Supreme, is still out there. Just in case you wanted to keep a piece of Mr. Gruenwald close to your heart.

9- Ever thought about the creases in your pants? At the end of the 19th century, pants made of certain materials became so popular that they had to be mass produced, then were folded and packed tightly in order to be shipped overseas by boat. When the shipments arrived and the pants were unfolded, the sharp creases were nearly impossible to get rid of. So the merchants and customers of the time simply made the hard creases into a fashion statement instead of trying to get rid of them. So keep your creases sharp, people! You’re stylin’!

10- The Earth has a second moon! The asteroid, named ′2016 HO3′ (Come on, science! Give it a cool name! Call it ′Fred′ or something! Quit being lame!), has only been orbiting our planet for about a century or so. It has an irregular pattern, and is very small (Only about 120 to 300 feet across), but due to its determined orbit and loyal revolution, it actually qualifies as a second ′moon′. Take THAT, ″Star Wars″!

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