What began as a rather darkly themed, but still hilarious, sketch by comedian, Russell Howard, ended up becoming a heartwarming tale of triumph and recovery. And also one of intense controversy in Europe.

Before any spoilers are given, hehehe, here is the comedy bit (I had to use a reactor’s video because the other original vid was removed from online):

Thankfully, young Deryn Blackwell is doing great! And he has a whole new life planned out for himself, which touches my heart, to be honest! That’s AWESOME!

He was only ten years old when he was diagnosed by doctors to be the victim of a very rare form of Cancer called Langerhans Cell Sarcoma. Which often turns into Leukemia in a very short amount of time. The rarity of this form of Cancer still has doctors scratching their heads over how to handle the illness and what can be done to alleviate the suffering their patients go through during treatment. Deryn went through hell for a four YEAR period when he was simply ready to put an end to it all and let go. His mother recounts conversations when he begged her to die, or when he was in so much pain that he wanted the doctors to cut his hands off to prevent any further misery. Something that must be absolutely heartbreaking for a mother to hear.

However, there were a lot of credible sources that told Deryn’s mother that a Cannabis based drug could be the answer to help him. Now, England hasn’t legally approved the use of Cannabis in the treatment of a minor yet. Because…paperwork, I guess? Ugh! Anyway, the doctors and nurses ran out of ideas, and had actually given Deryn two weeks to live. They claimed that there was nothing they could do, and Deryn actually began planning his own funeral, his family preparing for the worst.

Then, his mother decided to give the Cannabis a try. Even though she faced up to five years in jail for breaking the law and giving it to him…what did she have to lose, right? Immediately…Deryn’s immune system kicked into gear, his body healed, and the cancer was gone! As of right now, no charges have been filed against his mother for doing so, but who would be heartless enough to do such a thing? Seriously!

Since her son’s FULL recovery, mother, Callie Blackwell, has become an activist for further research into the field of using Cannabis to treat illnesses for all. She says, “It’s one thing reading about it, it’s another seeing a miracle in front of your own eyes, but then seeing it with loads of other people and knowing it’s not a one off, and seeing it work, so effectively, for so many people, is why I’m so passionate about stopping prohibition. Because prohibition has caused more harm than cannabis ever could.” And goes on to say, “My view on the current stance with the government’s view on prohibition is that it’s absolutely ludicrous. There is something fundamentally wrong in this country when people are criminalized and deemed as criminals for doing nothing more than alleviating their own suffering. I really hope that his doctors now push more forward for research. Just something. More questions need to be asked about this, because…there are people suffering that don’t need to be anymore.”

Now, Deryn Blackwell is a handsome and healthy 17 year old boy, with aspirations to become a vegan chef! He went from knocking at death’s door to following his dreams, and you can find his full story written in the book, ‘A Boy In A Billion’ on Amazon.com if you want to hear the entire detailed account of how he got to be where he is today.

Congrats, Deryn! And here’s to many more blessings and good fortune to you in the future! ((Hugz))

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