“Winning begins at the end of uncomfortable”

I can’t think of a better quote to embody the super athletic, teen sensation, Paris Liston! Hailing from Newburgh, New York, Paris has already made quite the name for himself, nationwide! And he has no plans of stopping any time soon!

Is there anything he can’t do??? He’s a runner, he’s a rock climber, he’s a swimmer, he’s a bike rider, he’s an established rower…Jesus! I’ve never been that healthy in my LIFE!!! How the heck is he even doing this?

Paris is a three time Toughkids National Champion Triathlete already! High ranking in every category. In fact, young Paris was only 10 years old when he made history as being the youngest competitor to ever enter the Orange County Triathlon in California. An experience that could have, both, discouraged him and inspired him at the same time.

It was during this competition, after a half mile swim, and before a three mile run…that tragedy struck. During his second event, a fourteen mile bike ride, Paris hit a pothole and lost control. The accident catapaulted him from his bike and left him bruised and bleeding, while his bike had been ruined. Liston describes the incident:

“I hit a small bump and the back wheel popped off and the derailleur just broke. I went flying forward off my bike and I ended up getting pretty hurt. The police put me in their car, I was only a quarter mile away, so I didn’t miss anything. But, the police brought me to the transition and I did the run and I came back and I finished the race.”

He had entered the race back then, initially, to raise at least 2500 dollars in order to save his rowing club boathouse back home. People were depending on him, so he was determined to finish the race. He gathered his strength, shook off the pain, and kept going through to the end of the race . “I was in agony…” He said. “But I knew that I had to finish the race for my rowing team. I had promised all those people who donated money that I would do it.” Adding, “Other than my accident today, it really wasn’t that hard.”

Wasn’t that hard??? Says the TEN year old? If I fall off of a bike and skin my KNEE, I call for a medic! Who IS this boy???

Thankfully, Paris did finish the race, gaining applause and respect from everyone watching. He completed a half mile swim, a fourteen mile bike ride (WITH a nasty accident that left him bruised and battered from the experienced), and then finished off with a three mile run afterward! And he did it all in just an hour and 49 minutes! That is AMAZING! Some people can’t even go to the grocery store and back in that amount of time. Hehehe!

Since then, Paris has gained a few years, a few muscles, and a lot of experience as an athlete! He’s determined to keep himself in shape and is always ‘in training’ for whenever he needs to win a few more awards to add to his credit. You already heard him in the first video. He’s looking to be a part of the Olympics in 2024! I, personally, think that he can make it! What do you guys think?

You can find a few videos on YouTube of Paris giving advice on how to compete on your own, and tips that might just inspire the next generation of young teen hopefuls that are willing to put the hard work in that he has. Which is always a good thing! Plus…he’s so damn CUTE! 😛

What??? Did you think Paris Liston was going to get through a whole article without me mentioning how utterly ADORABLE he is? Geez! You folks don’t know me at all!

I wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors! And I’ll be looking for his name on the roster a few years from now! Count on it! Go out there and make America proud!

All Paris has to do is keep up his optimistic attitude, keep up with the training, and most of all…keep AWAY from bad things and bad people! Stay safe! And I’m sure you’ll be able to…OMIGOD!!!


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