When I joined the Boy Scouts a few years ago, I felt like such a nerd. I thought my friends would make fun of me. That I’d be rejected by my peers and would feel awkward around other boys. Especially since I was gay. And coming to terms with my feelings for the first time ever.

You’d think that would bring some angst and fear for a 15 year old boy like me…but NOPE! Not after the first two weeks of realizing that I was a homosexual. I was immediately brave and knowledgeable and didn’t worry about anything at all. I came out to my mom and she totally accepted me for who I was. My dad too. With no questions or worries for my well being. I go to public school, but everybody there is ok with me being gay. So if I want to ask another boy out, there’s never any trouble. What do I have to be afraid of? You know? I’m a ‘full disclosure’ kind of guy. I just randomly say whatever is on my mind without a personal filter, and the rest of the world can just deal with it. I feel confident and good about myself. No matter what.

Anyway, I was on a camping trip, and this boy Jesse was coming to join us for the first time. Oh wow! What a hottie! I fell in love with him at first glance, and I just knew that he was gay. I could tell. I’m 15, I know who’s gay and who isn’t. My perception is fool proof.

“Hi, Jesse! I’m Gerald!” I said.

He smiled at me. Awww, so cute! He was hot, so he was obviously a cool person underneath too. We talked. He was funny. I like funny boys. And then he held my hand. And then we kissed.

Omigod, it was the best kiss I ever had!

He’s like, “Let’s skip all the bullshit and go back to our tent so we can 69 until the sun comes up!” Whaaaat? Sweet!

So we go back to the tent. And I got naked. And he got naked. And then we stuck each other’s dicks in our mouths, and we sucked, and it felt so good! No adults came looking for us, and nobody thought the sexy sounds coming from our tent was strange in any way. Then Jesse came in my mouth! It tasted so good! And then I came, and he was like, “Whoah! That tasted so good!” Nice! He′s just like me! Sweet! And then we kissed with tongues and stuff until we got hard again and was able to have more hardcore sex.

He got on top of me and stuck his hard dick in my hole in one long thrust. I was surprised that it didn′t hurt. Then he screwed me with no lube and we came at the exact same time. HOT, right? I thought it was hot!

Jesse tongue kissed me and was like, “We should do this every camping trip from now on!” He said.

“Wait, but won’t the other scouts find out eventually?” I asked.

“Shhhhhh…” He said. I was convinced. Nothing else needed to be said.

And then we were boyfriends forever with no further complications for the rest of our lives. Ever. Yay!

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