I won’t lie…I practically came out of the WOMB loving movies! Movies, TV, cartoons, comic books, video games, music…these things have always been seriously hardwired into the very fabric of who I am as a human being. I can’t shake it. I can’t live without it. And I think I was in college when I finally began to realize why. The stories! They all tell amazing stories in their own way. And, to this day, I am utterly FASCINATED by the fact that many of my fondest memories come from those fictionalized stories! I can, vividly, remember the first time I saw Indiana Jones trying to outrun that giant boulder for the first time! Or when The Goonies found that treasure map for the first time! From The Predator’s first reveal when he was invisible, to Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris, to Marty McFly in the time traveling DeLorean, to Fred Savage kissing Winnie Cooper for the first time…these cinematic moments had a real impact on me. I’m all glossy eyed and nostalgic about cherished moments and emotional rites of passage…that, ultimately, NEVER actually happened! Hehehe, at least, not to me personally. And there is something truly magical about that!

Capturing these moments in my life is mind-blowing to me. Moments where I was thrilled, where I was compelled to laugh out loud, or where I was moved to tears. Considering how these moments have inspired us all…can we really say that they’re any less important than any of the other, real life, experiences that we’ve had over the years? These movies are a part of who I am, and…just as everything else with the Shack website, I was being given an opportunity to share these moments with my readers and fans in ways that would hopefully allow them to share those moments, past, present, and future, with me in the same way that I felt them. It was that need to ‘spread the love’ for movies and cinema that people might be missing out on that created the ‘Monday Movie Matinee’ (aka ‘3M’) section on the Shack forum. Every Monday, I try to add another one. And HUNDREDS of movies later…it’s still going strong! I hope you guys have found some gems through me over the past few years! Because a lot of these movies deserve to be seen and appreciated!

And, you know me…hehehe, I’m always looking to turn people on to something NEW! Don’t we get bashed and battered by corporate advertising enough as it is? There is a whole other WORLD of quality material available to you, right here, right now! And it might not get an advertisement spot during the Super Bowl…but, if you just give them a chance, you may just find yourself loving these movies even MORE than the glossy Hollywood flicks you can’t avoid hearing about if you tried!

Now, don’t take that to mean that I’m being a movie snob and disregard the big budget blockbusters as being fun! I’m the biggest lover of movies in general! And those movies have all affected me in more ways than I can ever hope to count! In fact, as an 80’s kid myself, I grew up with the Sci-Fi and Horror genres when they were at their peak! The Schwarzenegger/Van Damme/Sly Stallone era! I grew up with Freddy Krueger, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Robocop! So, the explosive blockbusters? I’m no stranger to them at all! Hehehe!

But…something changed as technology jumped forward, and more of these underground movies became readily available in abundance. I was able to see movies that weren’t on the big screen like the others. They weren’t winning Oscar nominations, breaking any box office records, and they didn’t have the budget for flashy movie trailers and big opening weekend chaos. And yet…they were AWESOME! Enter…the mid 90’s!

These films were once so obscure that most people had never heard of them before. No matter HOW good they were! But the mid 90’s brought a lot of these films to the public in ways that had never been attempted before. Now, films that probably would have fallen into obscurity before even making their budget back were becoming the most popular movies on the market! And what would life have been if we had missed them??? Movies like Kevin Smith’s “Clerks”, or Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”? “The Blair Witch Project”, or “The Matrix”, or Aronofsky’s “Pi”! Once my mind was open to it, it was like finding a whole new WORLD of underground and independent movies that I never knew existed before. And sharing that with friends and family became SO much fun in the long run! How can I bring my website to the party and give them a wealth of brand new movies that I loved and thought they might love too? With a weekly post of these suggestions, with a personal synopsis of the story, a pic of the movie cover art, and a video trailer in the reply! That’s how!

I don’t expect everybody to share my taste in movies. That isn’t the point. But they are all movies that I found moving, exciting, philosophically stimulating, or just downright KICKASS! Some of my all time favorites! And most of the time, if I mention them to someone they go, “What the hell is that? Never heard of it!” Then I have to burn or loan them a DVD and wait for them to come back and say, “Holy shit! That movie was awesome!” It’s ok, though! Hehehe, I’m patient! So, while I love the Hollywood machine and enjoy a lot of the bigger movies that are out there, the ‘Monday Movie Matinee’ has always focused on the lesser known gems that people can find if they know where to look for them. I mean, seriously…have you ever seen “The Raid”??? Have you seen “No One Lives”, or “Little Boy”, or “Frailty”, or “Mr. Brooks”, or “Battle Royale”, or “Boy Choir”, or “Better Watch Out”??? If your answer is ‘no’ to ANY of those questions…then you’ve got about 250+ movie trailers worth of homework to do! Hehehe! That should keep you busy until next Christmas! ::Giggles::

The idea was to expose everyone to movies that they might have never heard of if I didn’t bring it to their attention! Like, “Hey! Check this out! You might like it!” You’d be surprised how many awesome movies slip under the radar of most. And whether it’s talented authors, singers, movies, or anything else…I want to let the whole world know about the genius they bring to the world! Why not? Why keep it to myself? That’s silly! I’m CONSTANTLY on the prowl for new stuff to stimulate and inspire me on a daily basis! Don’t you guys feel the same? Just IMAGINE how much stuff is out there that you haven’t even heard of yet! How many ‘moments’ have you missed, how many plot twists and surprises, how many heart pounding action scenes, and heart wrenching dramatic performances? Want a glimpse? Then come by the ComicalityShack YouTube channel, click on the ‘Monday Movie Matinee’ playlist…and see what you might have been missing out on! 😛

Basically, the ‘3M’ posts on the board are my way of letting the world know that these engaging and super fun, but lesser known, movies exist! (You can see the entire playlist so far at We miss out because they don’t get the publicity that they truly deserve, and I want to fix that. Fully budgeted movies with highly credible directors and big name actors, many of which took the role because of the competent and challenging script, instead of just grabbing a paycheck! If people could just start supporting them and giving them the love and praise that they deserve we’ll get more quality offerings of this sort! In abundance! There was a time when nobody wanted to take a chance on “Paranormal Activity”. A time when nobody wanted to take a chance on “Star Wars”. There are published articles with people laughing at the idea of an “Iron Man” movie from Marvel, because they thought it was silly and would never work! Pay attention to the underdogs, folks! You never know what might happen once you let them know you believe in them.

Speaking as a former underdog myself when this whole ‘writing’ thing started, I speak from experience! I got lucky! So I’ve made it a mission to share that luck with everyone else as often as I can! It’s not about being popular, it’s about having a good product! I hope this is one of those sections that proves that.

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