The Rev is Broken… Can we Rebuild Him?

The Rev is broken. We don’t have the training, nor the technology, but gosh darn it, we’re going to rebuild him!

In the past month, The Rev went into the hospital for a routine procedure, like brain surgery or something, and they royally screwed up. They opened his head, poked around inside, and all of a sudden tubes and drains and what-have-yous were spraying and leaking and flailing all over the place.

Modern science had failed him, but our community stepped up. While no one knew what the hell they were doing, combined brain power and good old-fashioned luck was able to patch him up and make him better than new.

By the time our team got to him, he was in shambles, tubes coming out of everything… and we mean everything. So we gutted him like a fish, tore him apart, and patched him back together with pieces-unknown. The result? Well, it speaks for itself.

(Mattenstein Image Here)

Behold, the medical marvel that is Mattenstein!

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